A nice day in Paris with a little meet up and friends. Melbourne shuffle France 07 February 2009 With... Kaigo, Yoco, Dj Odd, Pity, Crowned, Isou and Skynet. "We dance to express, not to impress." "And we dance for fun." "Especialy with friends." Track List : Immediate Music - Believe Headhunterz - Battle to the end Patrick Bunton - Young Birds Organ Donors - 99.9 (2007 mix) Brian M vs Mcbunn - Vibrations TranceBass (???) Immediate Music - Season Of Hope Enjoy !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

NOTE TO NORTH AMERICAN SHUFFLERS Ive been shown a forum for NA shufflers by ELegend please check it out and make an account at the site 😀 www.shufflemovement.com YAY FINALLY HERE 😀 Did some more editing on this one, again not trying to ovedue 😛 Special Thanks to ELegend for showing ma few of these shufflers, ty bro =D Enjoy these awesome shufflers 😀 Shufflers In Order (No Crew Tags): Anttoeknee Vegah Hanhbui Negaum Miku FEAR Naim Marzy BuckeT Discussion G3ry mzGrk Sarah Virus Jo G-PaiNe Joss Song: (Beacuse people keep asking) Cave and Prey - Energy (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix) Styles and Breeze - Youre My Angel (Hardcharger 2009 Remix) DJ Carpi - The Power Of Pleasure (Dreamsplash Remix) Technikal Presents. Kris Mclachlan - Return To Innocence Duckstadt! - Krank (Revolution United vs. Commercial Bitches Remix) Dark By Design & Phil York - To The Beat (Bass Code Theme) Oneslikers - Almanac Dark By Design - STFU April & Technikal - Mad Glow Luca Antolini DJ - We Are (Steve Hill & Hardforze Mix) Log One DJ Wragg Db Shredaz - Terminator Technikal and Steve Hill - Impulse (SHOKKRemix) SFM - Glitch 2009 Alphazone - Flashback (Dave Joy Remix) SFM - Times 2009 Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Geeling (Raindropz Remix) DJ Wag - Life On Mars (Steve Hill vs D10 mix) A-Lusion - Perfect It (Frontliner Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Little Meetup In Paris [MELBSHUFFLE] 07/02/09”

  1. the ending killed it!!! i can do better and i dont know how to shuffle:/

  2. i am 13 years and i can do it better

  3. Juste énorme !!! XP

  4. si tu pouvais mettre une vidéo chaque jour ça serait cool .Un grand Bravo a vous tous ! XD

  5. SigniaMusic says:

    Looking and sounding good, nice channel
    -Greetz, Geordie & Ewan.

  6. love the style of the first guy, not as smooth as the other

  7. ninjaturtalable says:

    the first kids arm loo like theyjust flop around o.O

  8. CHADarK758 says:

    @AznJiro sorry :/ a friend just gave me the song , i dont no the name of the title XD ( just trying to help)

  9. TrollForLol says:


  10. thebladaren97 says:

    nice man!!!!!!!! 😀

  11. RIOTshuffle says:


  12. Scorchin1001 says:

    Awesome Shuffling. BRAVO ON CORE ON CORE!

  13. yeee jumpstyle ! 😀 …. that sound in the end… makes me cry 😐

  14. @TheDuer11 It just looks a bit better than shuffling in shorts or jeans

  15. MrPinkEskimo says:

    you did the credits twice…

  16. TheTrueSurviros says:

    😀 awesome!!! 😀

  17. cloudy23child says:

    called phats ;D

  18. tell me why dio they wear those type of pants . ?

  19. ScooterSucksHard says:

    6th song is dj lady dana – hardstyle god

  20. Хах)))Нигер руллз))))

  21. HikarixKurai4eva says:

    Hell yeah melbs to express not to impress!

  22. muiiito boom o video

    ve o meu ai


    valeew ve ai

  23. that chik is good at jumpstyles

  24. Vous vous ete encore fait jarté ?

  25. maistro999 says:

    lol 1:14 guitar move 😀

  26. @raymoendo828 She’s wearing short-shorts and a pull-over. o-o

  27. raymoendo828 says:

    7:11 since when is shuffling in your underwear the best way to get in a compilication?

  28. masaru3585 says:

    6:38 Technikal and Steve Hill – Impulse (S.H.O.K.K.Remix) Right? If yes , where can I get it?can’t find it x(

  29. how ever you have clearly shamed DoB with the song choice

  30. @Xboxfan17 Oh so close to the Ball u all most hit it

    Daft Punk Is Electronic Techno isnt as , whats the word im looking for

    “fuzzy” techno is mutch cleaner in a sens smoother sounding but yes every
    part of Hardstyle ,hardtrance , hardcore all stemd from some where

    Hardstyle and the like came from acid house

    and techno ( this guy is right ) came from Electronic but more or less u could say Electronic is the Mouther land for all of these

  31. glennchaotic says:

    SFM is almost unfindable on youtube and/or google, anybody got other name for them or whatsoever? it took me couple of hours before i could find their songs xD

  32. OwnedAgainToday says:

    @Zurr0ski ohh thanks 😀 its cool :p

  33. @OwnedAgainToday

    my song 😀

    Mad Glow

  34. glennchaotic says:

    Where do you get the SFM songs from? they aren’t findable on youtube or anywhere else to listen too…

  35. doing a good job xboxfan17

  36. OwnedAgainToday says:

    whats the song at 5:00 ?

  37. OwnedAgainToday says:

    but but 🙁 daft punk is weird? 🙂

  38. goldmage48 says:

    Aye could yu set me up wif a link to download Technikal and Steve Hill – Impulse (S.H.O.K.K.Remix) for free? Cheers if ya can 🙂

  39. goldmage48 says:

    Whats the song at 6:45 seconds??

  40. OwnedAgainToday says:

    Really like your hardstyle mixes xD especially the 39 🙂

  41. OwnedAgainToday says:

    ok xD

  42. Technically Techno is a Sub-Genre of Electronic and while all of this music is Electronic none of it is techno, All of these songs are Trance and Hard Trance to be precise. Techno is more like Daft Punk. 🙂

  43. nice comp!
    pls comments & rate

  44. Zulazeri123 says:

    too bad this isn’t techno

  45. OwnedAgainToday says:

    Techno Will NEVER!!!! DIE!!!!!

  46. OwnedAgainToday says:

    nice one xD

  47. how do you make that awesome intro??

  48. FrostBeam009 says:

    could you give us a new 1 with some more Europe names?

  49. Icemonster8 says:

    yo man add me 🙂 on sM ahaha icemonster8

  50. Icemonster8 says:

    just like sacco haaha nice job eh?