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24 Responses to “LMFAO: I’ll Teach YOU How To Shuffle (Party Rock Anthem) [TRUE Melbourne Shuffle]”

  1. cod4frick says:

    @bobofaggins u mean´╗┐ phats…

  2. MakeMeRedial says:

    You’d´╗┐ be a hater too if someone took something you’ve worked hard at for years and ruined its name in less than a month.

  3. ashal12al says:

    i´╗┐ hate LMFAO

  4. 5H0CKW4V3000 says:

    It’s in the Desc… but anyway it’s DJ gius´╗┐ – V like venusian

  5. Roiben Blitz says:

    Same here, just not´╗┐ before LMFAO got to most of them,
    now people are getting to know what its all really about

  6. Taane Ngakete says:


  7. Charmer96able says:

    0:55-end what are the songs?´╗┐

  8. Evan Tarvis says:

    naha this is a awesome vid but omfg all the noobs think fucking lmfao invented shuffling but the thought of those two fucking retards inventing anything is imposible doesn’t go through anyones mind but they never run across the good vids of francis bulldog moonboy rocky mikki and shit like that and it’s fucking bullshit i just need to fucking´╗┐ bitch slap the shit out of lmfao they suck cock when they think they’re the best! they aren’t shufflers they’re wana be’s

  9. and it all started with classical bethoven, and they learned it from funky cavemen banging with bones a solid groove on deerhide drums´╗┐ =) dont chanlenge the might of the BONE

  10. MelbshuffleTony says:

    You shows courage to write a commed here´╗┐ LMFAO scum

  11. Kalamedeath says:

    Search a little, maybe is all in the´╗┐ DESCRIPTION ┬Č┬Č

  12. Saori san says:

    bet the fucking LMFAOs would grab their hair and fuck their selfs xD´╗┐

  13. Kakashi98M says:

    This shows that lmfao sucks at shuffling´╗┐ haha

  14. XxSkyScraperxX100 says:

    @asokpa dude rock is harder to shuffle to we choose´╗┐ this music because it got bettemr beat :p

  15. Heck.. 2 years ago i was all drum and bass step. One day I stumbled on to a video of shuffle vs dnb but it didnt catch my attention.. 9 months ago i saw the HSK´╗┐ practice video and decided to start practicing it. I remembered that my friends always mentioned the phrase Every day I’m shufflin. I thought my friends were crazy and mixed up the lyrics of some song called everyday im hustlin’. 4 weeks later my friend showed me party rock anthem and I was like where have I been all this time? xD

  16. Kalamedeath says:

    shuffle really started with CELTIC MUSIC´╗┐

  17. I wonder, if you’re “true” shufflers, where are the rock songs? You do know that shuffle started with rock, right?

    Not hating man,´╗┐ those moves are impressive.

  18. I love LMFAO, but I freakin┬┤ love this as well!´╗┐

  19. Deicide680927 says:

    Nice,´╗┐ lmfao, but not much teaching

  20. Peace and love ? You mean´╗┐ PLUR, don’t you ? ;P

  21. It’s the same for me and every time i’ve to try hard to stay calm… I can’t more´╗┐ endure that T_T

  22. Akuma Hanya says:

    to all kids that like lmfao, i can´╗┐ tell you this:
    we are not haters, we are real shuffle lovers

  23. Lockey157 says:

    Guys. Hate Will only bring more hate from LMFAO kids. We need to fucking get along. Doesnt matter what style. Or where you are from. America, Brazil, Down under, Poland, Doesn’t matter. We’re all shufflers right? The Kids who found it through lmfao might have their eyes opened to a new kind of dance. We need to greet them with open eyes. But if they aren’t in it for the love of the music, or the dance, fuck them. Nothing we can´╗┐ do about that.

  24. Kalamedeath says:

    so they are 1 week shufflers, lol, they’re a´╗┐ world fail