LMFAO - One Day (music video) SA Funky Fidget Stepping & Shuffling

SA Funky Fidget Stepping and Melbourne Shuffle to LMFAO-One Day WE DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. We do not copyright this song in any way. The song is copyrighted to LMFAO. No copyright laws were intented to be infringed upon. This video may include content owned by •Entity: UMG Content Type: Sound Recording Song was used from www.youtube.com (Original Song)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “LMFAO – One Day (music video) SA Funky Fidget Stepping & Shuffling”

  1. mrpavloski1 says:

    im surprised you have time to comment on these videos with your busy schedule of sucking cock and living at home with your mother (cute). i wish i could do ALL the things you do with your mom. you have a real talent for filming those “cool” action videos. im going to start a fan club called bender boyz united with our slogan: we love cock. i hope you enjoy your day with your mom, tell her i said hi, wish she gets better soon (she’s had a bad back ever since i fucked her) 😉

  2. G3TSUMSON says:

    is that how you spell “cheerios” you illiterate fuck. learn to spell, then talk shit you retard

  3. mrpavloski1 says:

    hey mr i suck dick and eat chereos at the same time (missionman51 to be precise) – go fuck yourself

  4. rofy711 says:

    no we dont own this song. and if you left your mothers basement for once in your 28 years then maybe you would hear some decent music. And please, why would anyone listen to a 28 year old that plays COD, mature much? and how would you know anything about dancing?! stick to what you’re good at…. infact i watched your video and you werent even that good at cod! so dont quit your day job, if u even have one

  5. LeillO262 says:

    I think I understand your reasoning here: we’re nobodies because we chill with our friends for fun and your “about me” section goes as far as “I play video games”, so you’re definitely not a nobody.
    Go be a hater somewhere else, maybe when you’ve got some free time in your obviously extensively busy social life.

  6. missionman51 says:

    “we do not own this song” well then get creative you fuckin nobodies! God these guys fuckin suck

  7. SuperHumanz101 says:

    not BAD! great job!

  8. LMFAOLOVER4444 says:

    sang this to a girl i like i got fucked

  9. ToriLouiseee says:

    you are all so good! 😀

  10. 9ony3xpress says:

    Yo Dudes! I’m from SA. Sick stepping! You guys should totally make a tutorial! Awe!!

  11. Zedorek says:

    how old is this style if i may ask?

  12. rofy711 says:

    Im sure i can try to get a tutorial together for all the stuff in the video 🙂 its just one of the guys doesnt seem too interested… Message him —> LeillO262 … Hes the guy doing most of the stepping

  13. rofy711 says:

    SORRY! With the new youtube i havent been able to make the video able to be watched on mobile?! Anyone know how? Thanks

  14. xHOTDAMNxHBx says:

    Sick. Can you guys make a tutorial? There’s not any good ones on here.

  15. TheLiveInterests505 says:

    No problem! I’m from Mexico LOL… Espero que siban el tutorial, esta muy bueno el paso!

  16. TakashyXD says:

    @TheLiveInterests505 Thanks for the correction, i dont know so mouch english :3 i from chile.

  17. TheLiveInterests505 says:

    Yes please, I loved that step! how do you do it?

  18. TakashyXD says:

    How u do the step in the second 13, please up a tutorial

  19. @alexdayle we got the song from another video… From “Southern Funk” -by @CantonParker23

  20. alexdayle says:

    wot is that song right at the end

  21. tooooommyc says:

    How do people dislike this 3-|

  22. TheDjzap1 says:

    ¬¬ man follow tthe beat

  23. 1snorelax says:

    i like the 1:14 part 😀

  24. Biracialboi says:

    Awesome guys 😀