video for everyday im shuffling contest i did the routine from the video lol im just learning this dance, but the melbourne shuffle go hard, i do it everywhere

24 Responses to “LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem -Dance Video”

  1. TheFunnyguy9000 says:

    Pull your pants up and get a…. Shirt

  2. Meowcat1999 says:

    Pull up ur trousers :L that was crap soz

  3. shaz83 says:


  4. shaz83 says:

    Finding memo

  5. Isaiah Hodge says:

    Pull up the pants, they r going to…..never mind.

  6. SIEUW44 says:

    Get a shirt

  7. ichica1234 says:

    anyone else notice that finding nemo is on the tv

  8. dannymx26 says:

    Your a good dancer you can beat my dad in a dance off

  9. kiana1361111 says:


  10. salzstange004 says:


  11. salzstange004 says:

    Same like 96ericcartona96

  12. DocOckify says:

    Tu bailas muy bien

  13. tjhanlon1 says:

    Good dancing but i think your trting to act ghetto pull up your pants

  14. 96EricCantona96 says:

    Pull up your pants. But good dancing. 😀

  15. lilbabyslims64 says:


  16. cheesykids129 says:

    Pull ur bottomsup

  17. cherfer says:

    you’re a great dancer. teach this white girl some rhythm! 😉

  18. MimiNuri11 says:

    This iS Like The Best ive Seen You Go Booyy(: Lhh

  19. missin72 says:

    tu danses bien

  20. msbieber889 says:

    u got moves 😀

  21. TurtleDude3120 says:

    Damn boy you can shuffle

  22. guineapiggleseatlard says:

    hes got swaag

  23. 100sammiecat says:

    His undies!

  24. LibraSkyyy says:

    That was wicked!