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25 Responses to “Mac G. – Forever Moving – Melbourne Shuffle (SONGLIST)”

  1. Don’t trip,
    there might be a stick on the ground

  2. SouthWestShuffler says:

    This guys my idol

  3. Watched a compilation of “best shufflers”, you’re definitely my fav. Everyone else is erratic, but you’re very very smooth and precise, I’m trying to learn and you’re a good example to model after.

  4. marry me?:3

  5. Unicornz4life says:

    I love you Mac G.

  6. TheBraleys says:

    Mac G YOU DA MAN! Thumbs way up! You are my shuffle God! Keep it up!

  7. Androooo182 says:

    Mac G, I’ve been following your shuffling for years and I have to say you’re the best shuffler in the world, no body can even compare to you! Every step looks so smooth… Mac G the king of Shuffle!

  8. SeoulMotion says:


    German Trance Charts Volume 02 WEB

    thats the album ^^

  9. I searched the second song on youtube and there’s no video for it…are you sure that’s the correct name of the song?

  10. Asian Level

  11. Omg u make me fell like i was in the past *-*
    u’re a legend for me! really when i start to shuffle i was searching for your vids and all compilations i’ve watched when i saw the nick Mac g i was so happy and this old vids i remember in compilations *-*

  12. Gottiboi84 says:

    Yeah man i fall back you got that…. I can only hope to get there. I cant hate at all bro you are the illest on full! But just askin…. I got a few guys wanna go hard but we’re from panama city fl…. Howd we get into it

  13. SeoulMotion says:


    xD i’ll take that as a compliment?

  14. Gottiboi84 says:

    Of all the damn dancin ive done in the world its took way too long to make sure my shuffle was like no other….. Graced at the club…. How the fuk do you make it look so smooth bro…. Man i think im gonna sit wit the haters and hope you trip lol cause that is way too sick….

  15. Your inspiring me to shuffle like that 😛
    since i need a style.

  16. Shawn950911 says:


  17. SeoulMotion says:


    i love you, but that would be such a staggeringly awful idea xDDDD <3

  18. paul webster FTW

  19. SuperPWProductions says:

    0.o awzm 🙂 cant say more!:D

  20. xavitoxcs says:

    mac olle G makes a video to teach dancing porfa asiporfra I ask you how to dance grab unvideodonde well: D

  21. TheBBhenkkary says:

    Mac G u are cool. Nice moves. Im shuffling too.

  22. @08posdom Mate, i’m bringing shuffling BACK!

  23. @lafawafa
    you’re quite an idiot… -_- It’s the GREEK Gods.. lol

  24. ForBellyrub says:

    That’s weird, I could have sworn I watched this 15,000 times…

  25. The ancient Romans forgot a god. The God of Shuffling; Mac G.