original hsa prac video

49 Responses to “Malaysian Cali Shuffle Songs 2011 (MIX) 6”

  1. Erik Aureoles says:

    sick ;)!!!

  2. luis36702 says:

    only if this video had 420 likes cause its friday, and we got shit to do (;

  3. TheAnimalLovee says:

    Me Gusta ^.^

  4. marioamando says:

    Thanks man! Keep up the great work

  5. DJSKILLS96 says:

    Description 🙂

  6. DJSKILLS96 says:

    Look at description again re-edited it to Main download Link & Don’t forget to like my page & subscribe will be releasing new mixes soon !

  7. marioamando says:

    Where can I download this song? Soundcloud has reached it’s Downloading limits.

  8. thefunniestguy1 says:

    name of song at 8:32

  9. MarinazLoved says:

    Fukk I love thess fukkeng mix soo much I wild fuckthe shyt out uv eht ef eht wuhx a gurl x)

  10. Daniel1589xxx says:

    name first song and second song ?

  11. bvercetti21 says:

    this is like asking for a girl’s name that i really liked… but in this case im asking for the name of the song that starts at 2:29

  12. youngshufflers1523 says:

    This song is Dope.XD

  13. MrFROSTY1336 says:

    YOU WANNA GET HIGH HAHAHA!!! that was funny and also anyone can control a womens body but the key is to control her mind

  14. m78858 says:

    Towely-wanna get high hahaha

  15. mas0n222771 says:

    sick as fuck!!!!!!!!

  16. Orlandyy says:

    Does anyone have the song names for ANY of the songs in this mix?
    It’d be very much appreciated.

  17. xXTito323Xx says:

    This is the first song I shuffled to

  18. dragbike13 says:

    wanna get high

  19. IsaiahMejiaBitch says:

    you should put tonic ft tarantula man big fat in your next mix

  20. KaotiicDivinee says:

    I’ma start shufflinq to this sonq (x

  21. Sambrana14 says:

    That picture is epic!

  22. Rafaninjahturtle says:

    I shuffled to this

  23. ItsJuniorHoee says:

    Sick Ass Malaysian Sonqq Bommb Ass Fuck Gonnq Get Pumped With The Mix Ahaaa !

  24. bixtch says:

    remix **

  25. 760chicano says:


  26. TechnoCraver15 says:

    What is the song that TeddyT was shuffling to at 3:00 ?

  27. PyrobugFDA says:


  28. xXYannicGamerXx says:

    Rock & sacco are the best shufflers

  29. awegjlappenaeofgihn says:

    Song list pls 

  30. at0mikutzk says:

    sacco and mikki are the best ms!! 🙂 respect !!

  31. kellz5500 says:

    HSK is wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than yal

  32. supadeath604 says:

    song list?

  33. ballisticdavid says:

    lol if i seen ur truck on my street id most likely hit it with a brick 🙂

  34. MrWrstlr64 says:

    If I seen kids dressed like that on my street.. Id most likely hit them with my truck

  35. silentnight306 says:

    3:25 O.o…hes kinda big…if he can do tht so can i! D:< xDD

  36. weto112 says:

    name song ?

  37. braian jassua peña guerrero says:

    como se llama el song de reece

  38. CATHERINE VAST says:

    Avaline – Killah

  39. M8KK8Mm says:

    sacco is the best

  40. m3t4lb4b3 says:

    Tiny Z <3

  41. therealPaulaD says:

    the girl in the red pans ! MORE ! ! ! !

  42. TheShark456 says:

    8:26 KARATE KICK!!!!!

  43. SHONDENE100 says:

    who is that guy at 6:16 i dont remember him to be in HSA?

  44. TheJP3372 says:

    Atleast that is more simple than the goddam two step running man T_T

  45. Perklickklick says:

    one of the best shufflers!

  46. Turismo9000 says:

    it takes practice to do that

  47. rutoku00 says:

    simply because he is a badass

  48. TheShark456 says:

    9:48 Sacco butt

  49. TheShark456 says:

    Why was Reece wearing Sacco’s phat pants?