Advanced malaysian shuffle moves read - yo i'm not from cali but i know all differant styles of shuffle and i noticed the shortage of malaysian tuts so i made this series subsribe some more i do them regulary. Malaysian Shuffle Moves Tutorial Part two three Niallb43 shuffle melbourne shuffle style mas dance tutorial part 1 dance music bass beat free step Melbourne shuffle compilation mas advanced malay

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  1. BrepsShuffle says:

    If you guys wanna see real advanced moves that look way cleaner check my channel out and subscribe:)

  2. rowanchann says:

    Teach me in person D;

  3. the worst tutorial iv Seen Dxx

  4. skrillex1904 says:

    my shoe was untied.. But then i took an arrow to the ass..

  5. I dinno there is malaysian shuffle although imma malaysian…LOL hav to learn it now haha

  6. bethanyp19 says:


  7. nickjohnson530 says:

    this is the tutorial i was looking for !

  8. h4rd5tylezz says:

    Oh, malaysian people you so randum :3

  9. liljoungsta says:

    Yo thanks for the help now I can beet my friend at school

  10. malashia405 says:

    tie your shoe

  11. Mr6dance6 says:

    Thank you my brother, please do more tutorials
    And the name of first song?

  12. DrivingInSpace says:

    i like your tutorials. ur good man :] thanks!

  13. Treasure800 says:

    Your a good teacher :p

  14. @909iLOVEmusic okay i will this week

  15. 909iLOVEmusic says:

    Y@NiallB43 yea kan u sttill do thm pliz?

  16. @909iLOVEmusic i already know a good tutorial for hand movements by zani, but if you still want me to do 1 just say so


  17. 909iLOVEmusic says:

    I already got these parts down do hand movements next

  18. @MsDude4196 You’ll get it down if you practice 🙂
    /it is pretty badly explained in this vid though i might make a new vid

  19. MsDude4196 says:

    its soo hardd! 🙁

  20. 909iLOVEmusic says:

    Subscribe to jonathan3452 and crazyskitt both have beast music

  21. TAMMYROCKs509 says:

    Subscribe My Videos Lol buht post more upp I need Practice ;P Awesome video By the way <3

  22. woot123brandon says:

    @NiallB43 aww thank bro or sis! 🙂 <3

  23. @woot123brandon you can do it! 🙂 have faith

  24. woot123brandon says:

    Too difficult -.-

  25. hss_justine808 says:

    @woot123brandon, its not that difficult…. im not really a fan of malya… im nost of a melbourne shuffle girl. but when i tried shuffling to skrillex (hate skrillex) i ended up melbourne and some malaysian shuffling also with some jumpstyle xp …. malaysian shuffle is pretty simple. if you know how to melbourne shuffle, then instead of two stepping, you one step and your steps should be more wider.
    i dont have vids on youtube, but i can tell you this only since i shuffled starting in 7th grade; but i quit in 8th to do hip-hop and breaking. but i got back to shuffling this july, and my frends that are shufflers say im pretty good than the others in the school.