FINALLY CHANGED THE TITLE ;D TRACKLIST!!!!!! 1. Teddy Cream-This is how we rock in Melbourne (Terry Tsia Remix) 2. Vantem-You never said (ConTiez Remix) 3. Dj Aero-Batman 4. Toby Emerson-Never coming down (Adam G remix) 5. Linkin Park- In the end (ConTiez Remix) 6. Michael Woods- No Access 7. Ton Def- Blunt (Min & Mal & Doublewave Remix) 8. Eyes On Fire! (Wilo Remix) 9. Bren Vampz- Hillbilly (Original Mix) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE TRACKS IN THIS MIX!!!!!!!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “MALAYSIAN SHUFFLE SONGS 2011”

  1. raidersfan142 says:

    Dis a decent mix

  2. ameliarodriguez43 says:


  3. jenmedina79 says:

    This is to down

  4. krazyshuffler44 says:

    try malasysian shuffling on kitchen floor type surface with sox its fun and painfull.

  5. chris56166 says:

    whats the second song called

  6. carlossrk99 says:

    yeaa it is… lol :p

  7. ZzZapattackZzZ says:

    Bren Vampz- Hillbilly (Original Mix) is not the right name, but can someone tell me the real name of the song?

  8. daniel3daniela says:

    Beasty beats

  9. Thee2Downss says:

    I Wantt Thee Firstt Somdd D; -|3


  10. TheOreolakers24 says:

    Good song

  11. ANDROID5529 says:


  12. peewee12456 says:

    awesome i shuffle myself

  13. ipodman763 says:

    it doesnt let me find eyes on fire wilow remix

  14. carlossrk99 says:

    its cuz this vid is so fkkn g, it deserves more than one top comment (;

  15. carlossrk99 says:

    look at the description..

  16. MegaSomeone123456789 says:


  17. DiamondzXOlMDMl says:

    chill lowkey malaysian tracks on my channel:D

  18. 62SKRILLEX says:

    great music its so perfect it makes me pumped up

  19. dudester19931 says:

    And the names are?

  20. hello123822 says:


  21. LAEntertainments says:

    just jizzed O:

  22. crew90ful says:

    malay, fuck shuffling

  23. victorrozaz says:

    whats up wit all those top commments?

  24. erick199898 says:


  25. Nelscbentiz says:

    Can anyone help me wat is the song after the linkin park bc I wanna find out for long time plz