you all know 2007 was the year shuffling was the best the music the enthusiasm just everything rowenz chaos blitz milk you should know these songs

Thanks for watching, took me pretty long to make this video. I used Windows Movie Maker (WMM) which for the people who have actually used it before, you guys should know how gay it is sometimes. There wasnt any good blinking effects in WMM so i had to create it myself, which took shit loads of my time, especially if you need to blink to the beats. The song is: DJ Antoine This time (Klaas remix) thanks again for watching, hope you enjoy it.

19 Responses to “ManchesterRockers: 2007 [Melbourne Shuffle]”

  1. cool manchester

  2. IMuNsTeRx says:

    Songs please? c:

  3. FinnTheSharpshooter says:

    @M00nR3D whass it called???

  4. 1:30 one of my favorite songs *-*

  5. XESHADOWX says:

    see sadly i dont remember the first song xD

  6. TheFutureWockee says:

    What’s the first song, please? :3

  7. hardtroller says:

    @Rowenzz Between 1997-2003.

  8. NPshuffler says:

    what happened to alex? lol
    tom looks so smooth there,
    i wish i was there 🙁

  9. BrendanTaylorTV says:

    great shuffling, wish i could of made it :/

  10. @hardtroller what was the best year in your opinion?

  11. MaplerInManchester says:

    @hardtroller Calm down idiot trolololllllolololol

  12. TheOriginalChaos says:

    @denisbarinovx 🙂

  13. TheOriginalChaos says:

    YES 2007!
    I love how all of our styles have developed, milk’s is so good now, LOVE MR!

  14. denisbarinovx says:

    Yup! 2007 Legendary Year!!
    Will has improved alot =]
    And looks like Tom is trying malay style 😀
    Keep it up guys!
    ~ FoLm

  15. hardtroller says:

    “you all know 2007 was the year shuffling was the best ”
    Totally disagree.

  16. PeteHardstyle says:

    Very nice guys, looks like it was a great day 🙂

  17. MaplerInManchester says:


  18. AdorableProduction says:

    lol! I love this song! This is going to be one of my party songs for my birthday soon hahahahah!

    GO YONG! I see your still shuffling!

  19. NinjaSMKC says:

    nice, i like your style XP