Hi my friends & bro's =)) This is my new video. one year in shuffle XD my first compilation XDD congratulated me and subscribe!!=) My contact: MSN - mi_crash@hotmail.com Skype - MI | CRASH Icq - 559158118 VK - vk.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Very funny drunk Mexicans dancing...A mix of jerking,walk it out, Melbourne shuffle, Kung-fu lol!

31 Responses to “Mask Infection | CRASH First shuffle compilation”

  1. i like it it´s very fine;)

  2. VicenteThe69 says:

    fukin cracy….. beter then shuffle!!

  3. huntzilla1 says:

    ok i guess. doesnt look like u been shufflin for a year

  4. name of the first song?

  5. DJRAPPER123 says:

    domenik altah mach weiter gez:.EgC II cR4Zy II (CiHaD)

  6. HardstyleRebellion says:

    yeah bro’ , good shuffling , but new style ?

  7. S1nfulxX654 says:

    Song list?
    You very good though =]
    Better then most people I see =D

  8. eduzinhum says:

    hey fuck style bro <3

  9. FreegellShuffle says:

    Man I really liked your video, keep it up.
    subscrive Please

  10. CRASHshuffle says:

    XD thanks

  11. CRASHshuffle says:

    song list
    at the end of the video

  12. CRASHshuffle says:

    Yeah… thx=)

  13. youngstar986 says:



    ASROE. (Los Angeles)

  14. fang121293 says:

    @SnekuT1s ASYS & Engineer acid headcracker 2010 Kidd Kaos remix short version

  15. lucasbobxd says:

    song list please ?

    nice shuffle 5/5*

  16. ShuffleSarul666 says:

    from 1:45 best ;9 nice style man =D like it^^

  17. FiddyFantastic says:

    nice 🙂

  18. the 0:51 is that now mas or aus i dont know it xd…

  19. BassNeurotic says:

    you are ofcourse the best shuffler in my eyes..
    BN Nelsin

  20. 1:32 is the fucken
    Shitt like that he will murder always

  21. fuckin Rights sick musik! n awsome shufflin

  22. KILLINSHIT661 says:

    tssss fuckin dope..

  23. 700spiderschwein007 says:

    of course ;D
    all about sex shuffle in this video ^^


  24. CRASHshuffle says:

    Yes, i’m sex))))

  25. CRASHshuffle says:

    wow tthx

  26. TheSonrisas2009 says:

    Awsome! This was the highlight of that party

  27. I give this five stars my brother !!!!!!

  28. roberto y felipe

  29. houdini19831 says:

    someone call a doctor! this man is having a seizure!!!

  30. LATINO1551 says:

    hahhah son perras los weyes and thats techno hahahahha

  31. HahahHahahHahHahahahahagagagag