Matt showcase - feat. Tiff, Pae, Hiltzy - filmed at PHD (Melbourne) in 2009. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at
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25 Responses to “Matt – Melbourne Shuffle showcase – feat. Tiff, Pae, Hiltzy”

  1. AxyeHHo67 says:

    Туса что надо =)

  2. Tiff is awesome!

  3. ShufflePierre says:

    the spin at 1:40 is insane

  4. eugene398 says:

    yeah i see, i can sorta do it but dont really put it into me shuffle, my shuffle usually consists of, varied running man, a stall or two, slides, glides, clockwise spin while running man, double spin anticlockwize, and a single spin anticlockwise while left foot in air, you know the one where you use the weight of your foot to do the spin, but the double spin requires a kick with the right foot followed by a scoop with the left on the second circle. i add a few arm moves and liquid, love it, bra

  5. ShufflePierre says:

    @eugene398 I didnt’t say reverse running man. i said reverse shuffle. both distinc moves. 

    At 0:51 you can clearly see him do reverse shuffle. Matt does a lot of reverse shuffle especialy in the ”infekted shuffle showcase” video

  6. eugene398 says:

    what reverse shuffle he doest do reverse running man

  7. eugene398 says:

    i bet all their jaws are clenching when theyre out shuffling

  8. danieldediazferencik says:

    @Adam1991713 It’s about training…you must practice a lot lot lot…

  9. danieldediazferencik says:

    It’s about training…you must practice a lot lot lot…

  10. ShufflePierre says:

    @Adam1991713 It is different for everyone. You should attempt to shuffle like yourself. You can inspire from them but copying is ….

  11. @kitty03ification Dawn Patrol - Pill Freak

  12. @Adam1991713 Many hours of practice.

  13. Adam1991713 says:

    How many years does it take to shuffle like WeDanceHard?

  14. kitty03ification says:


  15. illumitabris says:

    Just watching this video makes my jaw clench up haha.

  16. ShufflePierre says:

    @jjsan27 Keep practicing and you will. The next thing is his reverse shuffle. good luck with that

  17. if i can achieve Matt’s rm one day, then i can die in peace.

  18. rastarafy1992 says:

    Hiltzy its my Idol!!! (LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..

  19. this is so fkn hot.. I cum shid

  20. Redlemon17 says:

    Jeuss christ people, Hardstyle is a fucking genre of music. This is NOT hardstyle music playing. Hardstyle is a type of trance fyi. This song is more on the trance side.

  21. ShufflePierre says:

    @PunchAPeach I must admit my shuffle looks more ”hardstyle” when i dance at 160 bpm+. Gotta adapt to the music 😀

  22. PunchAPeach says:

    @ShufflePierre By “they”, do you mean the 4 shufflers I just listed? Are you looking at their whole bodies, or just their feet? A good shuffle style isn’t just footwork, bro. ;) Plus, hardstyle takes loads of energy. Sure, the basics of the footwork are simple enough, but how easy is it to truly illustrate the glide effect in those techniques, with good control, at 160 BPM? I’ve seen your video, and you’re really good with your style, I’m curious to see if you can do that “street” hardstyle. 🙂

  23. ShufflePierre says:

    @PunchAPeach dude…. all they do is running man and 1 t-step variation…… easy as shit k ty

  24. PunchAPeach says:

    @ShufflePierre LOL I’ve seen lots of vids of people who THINK they’re as good as Mikki or Sacco at hardstyle. But often, they’re just going through the basic mechanics and aping tricks from Melbourne’s finest, and sadly, I see some guys who aren’t even staying with the rhythm, because they’re too focused on the moves themselves. It really does take skill to apply a true sense of rhythm, flow and control in hardstyle. Look up shufflers like ICSR, Siera, Instinct, and Anai.

  25. ShufflePierre says:

    @Redlemon17 I’m from Québec city. Underground rave scene is nice in Québec city…. We’re gonna have the Toneshifterz performing in an upcoming event this summer