Yeah it's been a while but here you go. I finally got tiff in front of a camera. Song is Anne Savage & Vinylgroovers - The Pod. Enjoy. PS Sorry the editing is amateur.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

it have been a while .. but here's a new vid of meh (: Im a Hardstyle Lover till the day that i die !! dun hate, just enjoy and comment / subscribe if ya like . Peace out - Izzy

50 Responses to “Matt & Tiff”

  1. PartyPeoplePerleberg says:

    tin tong good .
    you know tin tong from little britain

  2. IchBinNichtKredibil says:

    Hey Matt, how about glides or spins? 😀

  3. I wonder what have they done after they made that movie… it looks like they were home alone ;P

  4. Possibly the best rocking vid ever, even at this point.


  6. and brenton? grant, tomo? the newcastle reckers

  7. NadiXNoOne says:

    very nice Shuffle Duo !
    like it

  8. Hey Matt how are you doing that you like the hat spins around your head so easily? 😀

  9. sweetblackguns says:

    hey tiff i have to say your style is way to sick widdit
    u think u can teach a routine?

  10. crazytoker420 says:

    heyy tiff 🙂
    do you think theres anyway u can
    teach a routine?
    your moves are sick

  11. shit yeah matty boy!

  12. Essalcantshuffle says:

    tiff is better then him

  13. okdansker says:

    How do you do that crossover runningman thing?! Its epic!

  14. is tiff japanese ?

  15. Tiff very beast….dança muito bem O.O

  16. Essalcantshuffle says:

    the girl is alot better then you hahaha 😀

  17. haha matt got a ps3 😀

  18. lolx both are simply awesome :-)

  19. Very good =DD

  20. spartanshyne says:

    love it even though the sound quality isnt that loud 😀

  21. Somethings wrong with the audio ): Anyways, amazing shuffle. Loving it!

  22. qwikfeet says:

    yo around 1:44…what type of hat do u have?

  23. zombiefunny says:

    that brand of shoes are the tiff friend?

  24. OBEYxSLIM says:


  25. WaitinForTheWeekend says:

    This vid never gets old, too good XD.

  26. gelderlandroy says:

    track is netso mooi hoop dat die langer word of langere versie is

  27. rowan860 says:

    5/5 nice

  28. Woow. Jou voete moete tochwel keiveel zeer doen Q.Q
    Of je hebt tg blijnen fsoo wow ;o

  29. SjorsRpiano says:

    whoot zkr nice kerel (y)

  30. MrPureskate says:


  31. WiiGamer04 says:

    Wel een nice trainingsbroek :)

  32. Wllchris says:

    beetje glijmiddel op de tegels en dan luk ut owk best met schoenen an XD

  33. qucinicky says:

    whats wrong with you?

  34. TheKinetic9 says:


  35. hellraisor1984 says:

    without shoes? this this is hardcore…  realy nice just go on 😉

  36. this is what a real shuffler looks like… He dances to express his feelings not to impress….

  37. Dawn8of7War says:

    i think d-block & s-te-fan - part if the hard but i am not quite sure

  38. Revan0o1o0 says:

    The Soul of Hardstyle will NEVER DIE !!!!

  39. Lovebloondies says:


  40. animefrk96 says:

    Why didnt you use shoes if you kno how to shuffle u can wear shoes.

  41. jerk

  42. iBarrasi says:

    LOL’d that made me laugh ^^ nice video :))))

  43. JordyHolland says:


  44. TheUltraTroll says:

    What is the name 0n the s0ng ? ;0

    Y0u are najs dude

  45. powercamg42008 says:

    Hardstyle lover till the day that I die yaaaaaaaa

  46. HardstyleDancerAL3X says:

    Yeah 🙂
    5/5* This my life! 😀
    Favo and ABO XP

  47. mckillerpersson says:


  48. xHardshuffle says:

    wow fkin nice

  49. darklurk12 says:

    FUhkk 5/5 DUDE DOPEE

  50. tetrisboy99 says:

    good job though =)