McStakk Shuffle Practice. Ive been shuffling for like... 9 months now? Pretty on and off really, but Shuffle is like a drug, once you learn to shuffle you al...

This is the second main component of the Melbourne Shuffle.
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25 Responses to “McStakk Melbourne Shuffle Practice July 2009 GHS Compilation”

  1. iHappyVideo says:

    also nothing like shuffling to dubstep, its pretty fun.

  2. Jovan Lopez says:

    dont really trip if ppl say ur bad k i get tht a lot now since im in high school but ur awsome men ur really good

  3. McStack1337 says:

    Pfftt, only tryhards believe that shuffling is exclusively for hardstyle music. Hell, i’ve shuffled to metal on more than one occasion, it’s fun, different music brings out different styles and interpretations.. You should try it yourself some time if you shuffle. Try metal, rap, anything.

  4. Bill Gillian says:

    feedback? YOU WANT IT?
    nice shuffling but the first song is shit hardstyle, the second song isnt even hardstyle and the third was fine

  5. Lils Lokee says:


  6. looks like your doing the basics really fast.. not really my style you guys should check out my vid im a beginner. i think i do okay for only shuffling 4 days

  7. Mak Alakaw says:

    aha your hair is all WOO

  8. McStack1337 says:

    Yeah i probably could if i actually put any effort in ^_^.
    This vid is pretty old, check out my newer one in the video response up there ^.
    Its a bit better…

    Thanks anyway man.

  9. neoncriss6669 says:

    you can do better

  10. McStack1337 says:

    Thanks heaps man.
    You should check out my new video if you like on my channel.
    My styles’s changed a bit though, I made this video like 6 months ago haha.
    Cheers mate.


  11. battlebum69 says:

    dude u r heaps good
    dont listen to these faget wannabes
    talking shit about you
    i wish i could shuffle like that.
    keep doin it u have a talent

  12. clipperdip says:

    darn man lol nice come back =D nice shuffle technique though mateo

  13. nikki noga says:

    George you should get back into shuffling these hols. Come to the sydney meetup on boxing day 🙂

  14. McStack1337 says:

    Congrats on one of the worst calls i’ve ever seen, you little cuntwagon.
    My hair was long, and i liked bobing my head with the music when i shuffled.
    I don’t even shuffle any more so i don’t give a shit, but i thought i’d let you know that call was the worst thing i’ve ever seen (even on youtube).
    Cyer Fuckwit.

  15. tou are crap it looks like there is a birds nest on your feet

  16. etniesdill says:

    he is not bobing his hair…. its just his hair is long… hey you look like me exactly when you shuffle, we have the same style, and my hair looks like it bobbles a bit, due to my long hair.

  17. i remember when you put this on the site-_- wow

  18. toanbachan says:


  19. TvilleShuffler says:

    shittest fukkn music

  20. McStack1337 says:

    Im amazed and somewhat embarrased that this has 1000 views hahaha.
    This shuffling is weakcompared to how i was back in June… ahh..
    Well, it will do 🙂
    Best bit is from 2:05 onwards i reckon.
    Thanks for the views and ratings 🙂

  21. WingZero616 says:

    not bad, keep it up!

  22. WerthersRyummy says:

    Where u get the on a boat remix?

  23. McStack1337 says:

    haha yeahh. i was gonna use it as like a glowstick kinda, make better hand movements, then i changed my mind and forgot i had left it in my pocket haha.
    At least my phones so shit it cant get any worse =D.

  24. silver3344 says:

    5 stars for the phone fuck up

  25. DemonDash says:

    Thanks man!! Check your PM’s…