//M€Ð Đ!€G0 Melbourne Shuffle Brasil Thanks for whatching Tracklist Hardstyle masterz - beat diz (technoboy 2007 remix) Blademasterz - one blade Donkey rollers - silver bullet Deepforces - wake up

5 Responses to “//M€Ð Đ!€G0 Melbourne Shuffle Brasil”

  1. ExtacyDance2009 says:

    Dança de maiz mano humilho 😀

  2. very good.

  3. Loko Mlk é NóiX

  4. Thank you very much happsalot (:

  5. DAMN DUDE!! freakin nice moves, your foot movements are so smooth 5*

    and i can tell, this will be a very popular vid soon