Just something I thought I'd upload for your viewing pleasure! 😉
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  1. MaikoPhamYoutube says:

    Can you teach me how to shuffle btw whats the song?

  2. Casadorperfect says:

    I’ll get you another video sooner or later with all included you asked for! 🙂

  3. TheMCAndre says:

    nice shuffle ^^

  4. MrGusse0123 says:

    I am sure you can do it better in an bigger room 🙂

  5. Looks really cool

  6. KillinSpoon says:

    I’m assuming you normally move your arms then?
    Upload more videos, I like your style! Like the top comment says though, do it with shoes 😛

  7. Casadorperfect says:

    I focused myself more on my feet movements.. that’s why I only filmed half of my body!
    there was absolute no need for me to even move my arms.

  8. NightGoblin5 says:

    omg wtf bbq

  9. rprusty86 says:

    You soooooooo should have been playin’ the LMFAO song in the background ahahahahahaha

  10. KillinSpoon says:

    Come to Melbourne and club with me!
    We’ll show you how to do it 😉

    Seriously though, you’re quite good but do something with your arms!

  11. JaviAirForces says:

    That’s some Jersey shore dance right there lol

  12. powerpiginc says:

    Sooooo Black, still pretty awesome though

  13. marioguerra100 says:


  14. Chelitus0 says:

    Nice shoes

  15. blitzrangemaul says:

    nice, you shuffle just like me :P

  16. MunchingOreo says:

    Yes homo

  17. dude i love shuffling and i love how u do the 2007 version like me 😀

  18. lowabunny2 says:

    3rd =]

  19. FourEightZero says:


  20. BananaPieWorshipper says:

    REAL MEN USE SHOES, NOT SOCKS. quit cheating :p
    still love u tho, no homo