Meet Up 8th 07 [Part 3] Shuffle Spree The SHufflers goin on a shuffle spree around Melbourne WOOT Please Visit Our Website And Sign up
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24 Responses to “Meet Up 8th 07 [Part 3] Shuffle Spree”

  1. @91quintin not in 2007 and before 2007, he was all about shuffle

  2. 91quintin says:

    Sacco was break dancing?!?

  3. screwxbox7 says:

    Reece 😀 @ 4:10 to 5:00 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!

  4. MelbshuffleTony says:

    @djshuffler1029 ya 

  5. djshuffler1029 says:

    was tht hsa reece at 4:56

  6. hsasacco says:

    i just fuckin love these guys..hope i was there also..

  7. lol rocky

  8. FuckYeahHardcore says:

    fark this is so old…
    this video is amazing !

  9. Addiction4339 says:

    @Ruussso i feel the same way!!!!!!

  10. LordZerO645 says:

    Can You tell me the names of the songs? i love them :S!!

  11. this video gives me the chills and just saddens me in a way, lulz. it obviously looks like you guys had a great time doing this and all the other events in australia. it just saddens me because i wish i was there with you guys doing this and everything else, your all so happy and crazy. nice video sacco 😉

  12. harry1550 says:

    lol reece jumping out in camera

  13. isdykelis2 says:

    3:09 that guy drinking ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 

  14. peacauve says:

    What does that mean?

  15. Nice Music ^^

  16. ihumppies says:

    Hahahahahha Bunch Of Bad ass’s sliding down the escalator :P

  17. omglawllawl says:

    That is one big ass mall!, how many floors is that?? xD

  18. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    yur a noob

  19. wwefreakofnature12 says:


  20. eggplant69er says:

    There will be a shuffle Meetup at fed square around 12;00 (mid day) on friday 10 july PLEASE COME
    (copy and paste this around on youtube msn myspace bebo) – EVERYTHIG xD

  21. messihardstyler says:

    HSA hardstyle addicts are back people…../watch?v=7uvSSV4ub5w

  22. Sacco you are so crazy XD

  23. UsaShufflerz says:

    Sorry for that random (it) but yeah here is what i meant. It creats a good enviroment for people to shuffle and to not be afraid to shuffle because it looks like no one cares about how u look in a “imature scene”.

  24. NeonStreak says:

    You’ll have to rephrase that for me to get your point.
    If you can’t I suggest going to an english teacher who may be able to help you.
    Nothing you have said makes any sense for me to think you have a valid point.