shuffles at federation square Featuring HSK
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25 Responses to “MEET UP DAY shuffle off @ fed square”

  1. shuffler2010 says:

    Melbourne Shuffle these days WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ElektrikShuffler says:

    Rocky and Sacco win

  3. theundeadmastertoshi says:

    Happy new year 🙂

  4. bcrichwarlockbronze says:

    @oscar41597 hey bitch have you heard of HSK or HSA?

  5. @thaSHUFFLEpro rocky still rocks

  6. Sacco wins at 2.05

  7. PunchAPeach says:

    @zoggamann That’s HSK Jericho

  8. @Firefoxpeep thanks a lot

  9. Firefoxpeep says:

    @hychar PHD (Pure Hard Dance)

  10. oscar41597 says:

    u guys look soo fuking stupid u guys want to see real shufflers look uo [k.w.s]

  11. whats written on their sweaters?

  12. jeremyabravo says:

    where do we buys HSK clothes??

  13. aww mikki didnt do much 🙁

  14. rockyy444 says:


  15. when the camera zooms in 2:27 and pause it at 2:28 there a guy wearing the hair band thing, and looks like his wearing make up THE FAG !

  16. HSKchriis says:

    @neto310yahoocom YYUP, RIGHT NEXT TO SACCO

  17. cokinhaable says:

    The best Chanell the shuffle . Subscribe


  18. aidanmcmahon616 says:

    go row! 2 minutes of running man

  19. PlayAddiction says:

    az a nadrág az mi az? ’80s évek nem menő.

  20. bro..Rocky Powned….all day

  21. neto310yahoocom says:

    Was that mikki in the back @ 1:37

  22. Jimmyhardstyle1 says:

    Jericho and William skills duo 😀 😀

  23. HSAwubbers says:


  24. grudinskas says:

    2-brennan heart-get wasted
    3-blutonium boy-Techno gym
    4-dark oscilators-superstar dj

  25. kaneandlynch1213 says:

    whats the song at 1:32? XD