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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Meet up Shuffle Paris [29/08/09]”

  1. SpiralTempest says:

    @JoeHeald lol

  2. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  3. TheHardcoreAddicted says:

    Awesome guys!

  4. TechnoRaver39 says:

    that song thats in tokyo drift and is hardstyled in the vid whats the mix name??

  5. xTouchxMyxJunk says:

    @HardStayler98 techtonick?

  6. HardStayler98 says:

    4:23 oO?

  7. HardZStylerZz says:

    better than mas shuffle

  8. dulaman5 says:

    als je nederlands bent hoorde vast ook ik ben dom lomp en famous XD

  9. TediBearMassacre says:

    2:07 one thing to say..he’s freaking hot! o.o

  10. progamer772 says:

    @JoeHeald yeah well`e coool

  11. Avardox13 says:

    Oo Putaaaain Pourqoui J’etais Pas A Paris :/ C’est Domage

  12. sosanmia3 says:

    Barely any girls.. :/

    Some of them were good 🙂

  13. TheManga444 says:

    starting at 4:26 is the best hardstyle song ever

  14. Kalamedeath says:

    /watch?v=7z3N_pvNBwc watch that! i wont dissapoint you!

  15. JoeHeald says:

    @FrndoPascual you’re obviously gay.

  16. FrndoPascual says:

    @JoeHeald gross

  17. JoeHeald says:

    5:17 FUck they got So close… 6 months ago and i’m still watching this (:

  18. NBAballers20 says:

    well france cant shuffle should stick to not fighting wars

  19. dumstar1 says:

    @JoeHeald Her tits are acually doing jumpstyle…

  20. @JoeHeald  OMG

  21. 999Skullbassman666 says:

    @erex147 I think, but I don’t know if he’s 1-steppin or 2-steppin

  22. the guy with the white hat is more like malaysian shuffle huh???

  23. SleepCatSleep says:

    fuck lmfao,all about hardstyle!

  24. samyboy55555 says:

    c’est quoi le nom de cette place là ??!!?!

  25. This is my shuffle style