Melbourne Cup day shuffle part 2 hope you Enjoy =) Please Visit Our Website And Sign up
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25 Responses to “Melb Cup Day Shuffle Meet up [Part] 2”

  1. narutouzumarki89 says:

    Murphy rules in this the first guy there

  2. SyafiqZaidi71 says:

    @zeuznarut HAHAHAH!! LOL You make me laughing 5 minutes

  3. SyafiqZaidi71 says:

    kalo aku cakap video nie terbaik,maksudnye

  4. HSVshufflecrew says:

    Johnny doesn’t even t step right, just drags his foot xD

  5. omjnrg111 says:

    i say any just wore out the grip or rip it off but u could go with their lame choises except pumas are real good

  6. hardepicstyle says:

    pendejo culia cerdo de mierda desde el segundo 00:40 que tapa la camara chancho kl se la quiere comer

  7. hardepicstyle says:

    @zeuznarut jajajjajajajajaja.. jjajaja xddadwndjkasjkdjaskds

  8. hardepicstyle says:

    @peDrO48s A mi = me callo mal ajajaja.. pa ser cabrito chico baila bkn.. me aorte la raja xdd

  9. ese niΓ±o de mierda del minuto 1:20 me gana bailando jajajaj

  10. pig at 0:40

  11. ShufflerJayJay says:


  12. MMillsEntertainment says:

    johnny draws the crowd ^_^

  13. iamzrealtampon says:

    holy shit, sacco snapped at the end!!

  14. HSA SACCO fav. shuffler. *-*

  15. aidanmcmahon616 says:

    the kid in blue at 2:45 should get some clothes that actually fit him.

  16. legosrock12345 says:

    the kid in blue is a bit of a show off i know shuffling you have to show off but he was in twice give some space for others your not the only kid that can shuffle
    “IM JUST SAYIN” lol JK

  17. lubiszmnie says:

    for me is the best sacco πŸ˜›

  18. Junior15Oorah says:

    Sacco, Mikki and Rocky legends of shufflin!!!
    Respect to all who Shuffle!!!

  19. Blayzovich says:

    @thlk123 puma drift cat iii sd’s or repli cats

  20. basti0checka says:

    @thlk123 chucks:)))))

  21. what are good shufflin shoes?

  22. TheKenpachi1 says:

    the guy with the orange phatts is that teddy T

  23. NintendoDweeb says:

    2:43 …..hes like fucking five! πŸ˜€

  24. tootsierolldpman says:

    haha everyone is walking away then see u start shuffling and is like “oh shit!! gota see this!!!”

  25. tetrisboy99 says:

    damnnn the dude in the end of the video is EPEC!