Compilation just for funs. Enjoy Shufflers in order: Jishuffler - Trance Generators - Do You Wanna Balloon (Generators Mix) Justin - Technikal - Summasault 2008 BeGoPa - Dark By Design - Crazy Henry - Log One & Dj Wragg - Creatures Mochi - Dj Lady Dana - Hardstyle God (Terror Hard Mix) Tina - DJ Rob - Bang Bang (Dj Guiam Remix) Ozznberg - KCB Feat Pete Millwood - Come As You Are (Steve Hill Vs Hardforze Mix) Vjay - Speedwave - Junior (Hardstyle Masterz Remix) Sad and Eddit - Steve Vs. Technikal - Sawtooth Dentist Nathan - Builder - Hardbeat Market Ggamsi - Dark Oscillators - Food For Woofers (A-Style Mix) Toniie - Pitchers - Black is Back (Club Mix) Anko - Cosmic Gate - Tomorrow
Video Rating: 4 / 5

What do you like most? Shuffle, tecktonic, C-walk or Tekstyle? Have fun 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Melb Shuffle Comp (Green Edition) (Song List out)”

  1. KodamaZayto says:

    Very good ;D

    watch this plz


  2. this video really rox to the max:D i love this video

  3. this video really rox to the max:D

  4. nice video

  5. john1241000 says:


  6. MONST3RANG3L says:

    Ozznberg is a beast

  7. CanadaOwnsYou says:

    LOL THAT guy melbourne shuffled around the dog. AMAZING!

  8. xHSFxCecil says:

    this shuffle comp is red

  9. xXBENXx310xX says:

    good shit

  10. dingpenyu says:

    nice comp naoh 🙂
    didn’t knew you featured us, till now LOL..
    sorry 🙁 thanks anyways.

    – mochi

  11. nacionalista93 says:

    can SOMEONE PLZ tell me where to get KCB Feat Pete Millwood – Come As You Are (Steve Hill Vs Hardforze Mix) plz HELP ME I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!

  12. its known as the IG-Bounce&DarqTai RMX remix on youtube

  13. minesadoubleta says:

    i cant find that do you wanna baloon remix

  14. updated the info with songlist

  15. Can you put up a songlist, music was mad O.o

  16. i suggest that people should do slower smoother and smnaller steps
    taht would VERY great for other shufflers just pleas try it( becus there are too much the same shufllers out there )

  17. xharddanceloverx says:

    Nice compilation dude!!

  18. thanks for putting me in the complimation dude 🙂
    fav and 5 *

  19. jishuffler says:


    thanks for featuring me in this video haha 😀

  20. pinoyjustin says:

    ah my comment got deleted. :/

  21. tina’s original account only has 1 video i think, the video i got was from one of tina’s friend i thnk.

  22. yo this is awesomeness

  23. Blatpoppin5 says:

    Great Comp guys
    Pro Shuffling 5/5

  24. loookitsmee says:

    cosmic gate – tomorrow

  25. loookitsmee says:

    awesome compilation 😀
    nice choice of songs too.
    keep it up 5/5

  26. Randomgamerdudes says:

    Song at 0:40 ? AHH I MUST KNOW! :DD

  27. ???C-Walking…With a Sean John Shirt??? WTF

  28. Daniel1011997 says:


  29. dddecarmo says:

    C-Walk and Shuffle by far….. anyone seen London 5 Way….. if u like C-Walk u should check it out

  30. tecktonic is just dumb. it looks really stupid. some of the foot work in it(not this video) can be added to shffling. c-walk is okay i guess. and tekstyle is just jumpstyle…which is what people do when they cant do shuffle. so shuffle wins by far! plus it just looks the best anyways.

  31. foreigngun13 says:


  32. hotcarlos91 says:

    Tekstyle looks pretty much the same as jumpstyle, does anybody know how it is supposed to be any different?

  33. RonPaulRepublic says:

    1. Tekstyle
    2. TeckTonik
    3. Shuffle
    4. Jumpstyle

  34. steeler1fan11 says:

    tekstyle looks like ballet mixed with techno music

  35. RonPaulRepublic says:

    Tekstyle 4 life

  36. TheUberjuice says:

    @nooby4250 that stupid bubble makes this a frackin pain in the ass to watch… me dislikey.

  37. TheUberjuice says:

    @nooby4250 that stupid bubble makes this a frackin pain in the ass to watch

  38. C-Walk/Shuffle 4ever!

  39. @MariisaLeiin C-Walk/Shuffle 4ever!

  40. luismoreno6975 says:


  41. xXGhostChuyXx says:


  42. shuffle and c-walk <3

  43. @MrSiebsx just a sort of upgraded jumpstyle but way better 🙂 with free styles etc :p in that style u can easly add pindrop as your extra move xD tekstyle owns and shuffle to :p

  44. tecktonik = electro dance

  45. the shuffles fucking hilarious

  46. xXxT3CkT0NikxXx says:

    C-wallkin dont count they dancing on ice

  47. C-Walk won by K.O. 3-0 !!!!!!!

  48. C-walk ; D

  49. uchihakool says:


  50. shuffle tecktonik and c-walk tied for 1st but what the hell is tekstyle