Here it is, brand new USA compilation, first of the series. This video is to promote Melbourne Shufflers coming from the United States. To help Promote USA Shufflers please spread this video. Please visit @ Comment.Rate.Subscribe! Watch in HD for best results. Shufflers Presented in the following Order : Andreezy Austin Hekto DNee ZeZe Jayyy Willis Lance Phillip Willz Slim POoka Keith Anthony Dani JuJu Sarah Kimchee Brian Anthony N-Dru - TRACKLIST - 1.) Amber D - Ambers Theme (Alex Kidd vs Kidd Kaos Hardstyle Mix) 2.) Organ Donors - Moog Eruption (Feat Dr Willis) 3.) Dj Wag - The Day The Earth Caught Fire 4.) Dj Wag - Second Step 5.) Megara vs Dj Lee - Human Nature (Backslash vs. Mikkas Remix) 6.) Alex Kidd and Kidd Kaos - Ground Zero 2009 Anthem 7.) Alphazone - Forever (Orig. Mix) Also check out Shaun T's new track In Flux at TID
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25 Responses to “Melb Shuffle Comp (USA) – Visit @”

  1. Where ya’ll live? I’m in Rhode Island. That dude w/ that PHD hoodie or w/e is nasty. How’d he get one? Did he fly down from Malaysia or something? LEMME KNOW WHATS UP!

  2. WhatIsSimplySkilled says:

    @danielKravtsov jerking is horribbblllleeee

  3. REACTlONZ says:

    This is awesome especially becasue its coming out of USA haha :p Subbed.

  4. PHATKIDZfilms88 says:

    wooo hell yea go usa!…i have a few shuffle vids comin out soon ….I live in the us too

  5. any new compilations coming out?

  6. Klickthishype1 says:

    Why arent my crew ot I in this vid? just wondering hahaha :p

  7. DADDYCALEB808 says:

    USA shufflers FTW!!!

  8. LukeCantShuffleCNY says:

    If it isnt too much of a problem i’d like to be in the next video 😀

    ya dig!1

  10. theres a reason why its called MELBOURNE SHUFFLE mother fucks!

  11. 10kjell01 says:

    Wow like half the vid was Seattle WA lol

  12. Shuffl3T4nkz says:

    USA Shufflers FTW =)

    Orlando Shuffler Here

    Nice Vid m8


  13. sephirioED says:

    lol ninja kick! YEA GIT IT POOKA!

  14. aznnGUITAARplaya says:

    haha dude i live in dallas haha
    but i know this guy that lives in fort worth too?! 😀
    his username is AXZION22 lol

  15. dude im in fort worht, and we have a small group, we needa all meet up one day

  16. Rockin223 says:

    hardstyle for life West Texas Hardstyle Shufflers El Paso Texas wooohooo

  17. dayuuum, bigmilan commented this video haha, saweet yo XD when I get my new computer, I’ll make the last one, gonna be epic.

  18. SLOPPYsecondsJOE says:

    problem is i have been trying to make a shuffle video for around 6 months but have no video camera to do it with so maybe for christmas i will get a cheap one or something.

  19. SLOPPYsecondsJOE says:

    hey man whatsup? I love to shuffle and I live near dallas texas. If your making another compilation of USA shufflers i would love to be in it.

  20. u mean u can’t afford KNG’s stuff, or you can’t find it?? 🙂

  21. flameguy2007 says:

    wow:D BigMilan commented, EPIC 😀 The king of melb shuffle tuts 😀
    I must say thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  22. tough vid guys! 😀

  23. Top Favorited (This Month) – Howto & Style-Argentina


    cool Shufflers

    TRS/Eternal a.K.a The Sismo

    Exeleeent!!!! ^_^

  24. UsaShufflerz says:

    I agree its almost like another genre of music now.

  25. Oh man, trust me, i adore the old stuff mainly the old hardstyle tracks back in the day than today’s music. Not saying this era’s of music is not great, but to me it’s just not as good XD new hardstyle is shit, same thing all over again ): not like what it used to be a couple years ago.