ZeZe's Meet-Up vid: www.youtube.com N-Dru's Meet-Up vid: www.youtube.com the meet-up was awesome, but sadly a few of my friends and some of the other shufflers couldn't make it, but overall it was fun! we recruited ZeZe and Dennis also that day into [FOB] also d^_^b. LOL sorry Dennis your name is kinda hard to see unless in HQ. wow youtube crapped up the video quality.. Shufflers/B-Boys Shown: -Andreezy(Me ^_^) -Bruce -Jayyy -Wolfbane -Dennis -N-Dru -D4n11 -ZeZe -Saan (in the group shuffle) -Flesh (pro b-boy =) -JuJu (shuffling and doing random stuff everywhere,lol) and tons friends/spectators not mentioned. surprised we didnt get kicked off the property, we had loud @ss music blasting, i guess all those old ppl enjoyed it,LOL Fun Fact: if you watch at 5:13 me Jayyy and N-Dru all do the moonwalk @ the same time randomly. Rate & Comment please :]

25 Responses to “Melb Shuffle Meet-Up @ Seattle Center [USA]”

  1. cannot believe i missed this…

  2. collignonnr1 says:

    songlist pleas 🙂

  3. D7Double7B says:

    ahahahahahahah 1:14 in america u must walk 10 steps and u see a mcd

  4. collignonnr1 says:

    Looks really good
    1st song please 😉

  5. XSilvenX says:

    Andreezy’s style is my favorite. Good shit!

  6. mariyadfwjfgej says:

    No way out man Russian women ** leefoxnow.info **

  7. TheDivad125 says:

    dis is so Gee

  8. kamaishuffl3r says:

    Dayum, what kinda speakers did you guys use !?

  9. you guys r only cool if you hate mcdonalds

  10. drag0nooo3 says:

    Bruce looks amazing i don’t know why the beat to it looks sick this is like a year ago too..nice..and andreezy your still lookin great damn. Great video..but flesh at the end damn, juju you smashed him xD

  11. drag0nooo3 says:

    why don’t you make vids as much anymore?

  12. aribati808 says:

    Watch the step free of Brazil





  13. TheWallensen says:

    bruce <3 😀

  14. FrickenhatePozers says:

    @XZUMZ is it like a remix or somthing cuz i have tired to find it and i cant at all

  15. FrickenhatePozers says:

    whats the song at 4:50?

  16. KDomingo253 says:

    How often are there meets in Seattle?? The vid was Sick! It be awesome if I could go

  17. ericsomlove says:

    I’ll be honest now so that the Andreezy dance right there

  18. thebadger420 says:

    do u know when the nedxt shuffle meet is?

  19. Johnny10k4evr says:

    yoou’re so pro andreezy >:O

  20. TofuPlaya says:

    Andreezy doesn’t belong in Seattle, he belongs in Australia! xD

  21. BigWh0pper says:

    The end parody of tecktonik was fricken funny as. I fcking hate tecktonik, I think it’s the worst style ever created

  22. o yea and the fuckn hip hop dude can go die…thats just gross

  23. holy shit andreezy is there, hes like jesus of shuffling

  24. xGaaraOfTheBloodx says:

    lmfao funny look up HSK as in HardSTyle Klowns not Killers lolol they are a dead crew but still legendary especially HSK mikky

  25. FrickenhatePozers says:

    whats the third song?