Melbourne Hardstyle Shuffle Compilation

I do not own these song eg it is fair use under US law Song List In Order : Patrick Bunton - Young Birds Headhunterz - D-Tuned Dark Oscillators - Nero Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia The KGB'S - Fahrenheit ( Technoboy Remix ) Paxi - Fixi ( Deep Forces Remix ) Tatanka - GTP ( Technoboy Remix ) 2 Playaz - Tune Baracuda - La Di Da ( Dance Mix )
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6 Responses to “Melbourne Hardstyle Shuffle Compilation”

  1. Turismo9000 says:

    no not really , I still pwn lmfao shufflers in regular jeans , but the phat pants make you look like you’re gliding , you can get the baggy pants at phattpants(dot)com

  2. thanks for you help. do the pants have to be baggy

  3. Turismo9000 says:

    well all you need is time , effort , patience , and practice . First you learn the basics , then you create your style with all the moves you learned

  4. cool thanks. is there any right or rong way to dancing hardcore rave.

  5. holidaybreaker says:

    just nikes or something with basic grip

  6. i would like to danc like that what typ of shoes would i nead