After fimling all those dumbed-down tutes, i had to get this out of my system

READ THIS DESCRIPTION FIRST!!! THIS IS NOT ANOTHER MELBOURNE SHUFFLE COMPILATION!! THIS IS ONLY MUSIC!! i mix 4 songs together for this song Dark Oscillators-Superstar Dj Headhunterz-Scantraxx Roots Smf-Hahaha KAT-Gimme The Bass (these were the 4 top songs that people shuffle to in the other i thought might as well!!-my own opinion though-) hope you guys enjoy it!! PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT
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50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. wiljoebob808 says:

    do you seriously know who you commented?

  2. Deevilish07 says:

    supAh sKin m8

  3. samuelpietras says:

    needs some work man and u also need some music itl look beter

    Well done tho

  4. ROFL at dandenong plaza allways there man lol anyways why go c-walk when shuffling and go faster and harder

  5. katheriineOO7 says:

    danรงa bem . mais tiinha quue ter musiica

  6. SuGmePlease says:


    Imagine Milan in Phats.

    It Would Pwn.

  7. callen240 says:

    where’s the music??

  8. BKexplorer says:

    hey deshaz MS is any kind of way he puts it his own way

  9. BernardZR says:

    nice shoes dude. . ..

  10. You needa get your body and armz into it man..

  11. hey Milan are those puma future cats ur wearin? cos iv wanted em for a while now. And i love that wicked looking moonwalk u did.

  12. Xeraphyte says:

    agree on this1

  13. slickstyle says:

    Diz piece is nice~ Practice makez Perfectionz ya as u say~ Peace~!

  14. willymoala says:

    fukn hecktik guy ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. frommedenniz says:

    love the moonwalk thing.. good job, mann

  16. kashremiix says:

    edit with music and it look better but it was a awsome u did it gud

  17. neatt

  18. lol that was at dandy plaza

  19. Legendery shufflingu realy shoudl do some with music

  20. Smash0Town says:

    Milan = My shuffling god.
    Who needs music when you make the beat with your feet.
    Thanx heaps for the vids and keep up the good work.

  21. dylan1989 says:

    need some hand movements milan =)

  22. ryuukotsuseii says:

    i can hear a beat from ur shoes


  24. where’d ur music go?? lawlzzZZzZZ nah good shuffle

  25. sangster69 says:


  26. lothar654 says:


    come here in the netherlands and try to meet them =P goodluck

  27. RasputinsProtige says:

    @goten156788 Post a vid to prove it.

  28. goten156788 says:

    i masterd this dance in a week

  29. goten156788 says:

    i masterd this danve n a week

  30. goten156788 says:

    i masterd this dance in a week

  31. icedragon2812 says:

    @jwagna only pros can do it..

  32. megatobybobby says:

    hahaha i hear allot

  33. NaturShad0w says:

    @PROGAMEMASTERDK HaHaHa hardstyle

  34. goten156788 says:

    @DrunkenManIn dude i love this song and now its stuck in my hed


  36. so shit this song

  37. Locusthorde300 says:


  38. maddog1920 says:

    MIKKI’Z xD ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. KiDoPeMW2 says:

    @PROGAMEMASTERDK smf – hahaha

  40. MavrieckII says:


  41. FarjestadWolfs says:

    Where can i buy same trousers? that was cool. Send me a privat or something were i can find them. I live in Sweden.


  42. WaSmacheNSie says:

    @PROGAMEMASTERDK LOL, guess the name of song? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Hahaha – SMF

  43. HARDSTYLE2304 says:

    headhunterz end of my existence

  44. alalbananka says:

    @PROGAMEMASTERDK its haha by smf i think

  45. Lady7Jayne says:

    where do u get the hoodies from im trana buy one?

  46. MrMooiiboyy says:

    i want to metthem to ! :$

  47. Songname at 3:49 ?? Please ?!

  48. i hate smf-haha

  49. @FromUrMom1 see the vid and they say…anyway he is the 1st who shuffling ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. TheIceDoller says:

    its very cool i sends my frends