Running man.

Bloody Beetroots Warp 1.9 Melbourne Shuffle

Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Урок 3”

  1. Felicia Sanchez says:

    0:23 clean as fuck sick flow dude

  2. ThreeTreesPro says:

    I actually broke my ankle doing this…

  3. ddrXero64 says:

    that move at 0:42 was pretty well done, love the glitch concept you had going on

  4. Blazingguns00 says:

    suits the song, but mainly tstep and running man, not the most technically profficient shuffle i’ve ever seen

  5. Carlos Molano says:

    obviously you have never seen my videos chumps 😛 im way better

  6. Wtf says the one who plays pokémon hahaah 😀

  7. U can’t do better nerd

  8. Carlos Molano says:


  9. those are some sick ass shoes homie what are they?? they ain’t high dunks…nike 6.0s maybe??

  10. xLyRiiCzZ16 says:

    dude thats boss! 

  11. REAL melbourne shufflers don’t shuffle to this music….

  12. MrFunnyguy93 says:

    very nice ;D

  13. Skooterkid10 says:


  14. well played sir!

  15. lmao

  16. msryansheckler1 says:

    woah ur hot

  17. Isaac Wilder says:

    Sick! how long did it take you to get that good??

  18. King Kaisar says:

    I wanted to watch it but i didnt wanna hear no electro house:(

  19. fuck the haters man. this is cool. good shuffling man.

  20. riptha400ex says:


  21. Daniel Morin says:

    OMG THANK YOU FINNNEEAAALLLLYY someones understands me

  22. ImRicksmash41 says:

    you guys are dumbasses,if you’re REAL shuffling fans you would know that shuffling ISN’T about about sliding,you can shuffling without sliding at all,educate yourselves you fools