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Hey my name is Anthony (Blas) and this is the result of me after 3 months of trying to learn how to Melbourne shuffle....but im starting off...

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  3. imstronger407 says:

    it`s my life 2k11 です。

  4. kas9556hoihoi says:

    おお、わざわざありがとうございます(´ ▽ `)

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  7. imstronger407 says:

    imstrong407@gmail.comがおれのメールアドレスです。( `・∀・´)ノヨロシク

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  11. kas9556hoihoi says:

    やっぱPhats shuffleいいですね☆
    今度東京でのshuffle meetあったら一緒に参加します!?

  12. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks bro…but check out my new vid =P i got a lot faster and a lot better =)

  13. ROM Enlighten says:

    Not bad at for a 3 month shuffler. All you need is too get FASTER

  14. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks bro =P check out my most recent vids =) i’ve gotten a lot better =]

  15. jodyfauzians says:

    keep practicing man !

  16. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks bro =P recently made a new vid =] check it out =D

  17. dogdemon21 says:

    hey ant its frenchy good stuff man keep at it ur doin mad good.

  18. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks =D im so happy that i got into shuffling…i’ve had so much fun learning how to get better and then seeing the results of my practicing =] im going to make a new vid soon for my 5 months of hardstyle shuffling =] thanks again for the comment and sub =D

  19. nice work bro i subscribe d to yuh! keep goin man, andit will be second nature, however, i miss the thrill of learning it

  20. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks =D in my next vid im going to try to shuffle to something a bit faster =)

  21. pretty good:) I never started slow tho o____O i’ve always pushed… but you go the path you think will be the most beneficial 😀 keep it up 😀

    HSU|PHS Jester

  22. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks =D….i really hope your right…lol =P

  23. RhinosAreFatUnicorns says:

    i can already tell that you’re going to be an epic shuffler in the future. keep it up bro!

    HSU|BE – Ronin

  24. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks =D hopefully i’ll be able to shuffle to hardstyle as good as you one day =P lol

  25. FFSilostmycookie says:

    I really like that your actually starting slow! its how you get better not everyone can become a pro and rock to hardstyle right away! respect man your doing great<3

    HSI // BASSik

  26. sparkky409 says:

    np and i sub back too

  27. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks bro =D

  28. sparkky409 says:

    Dam bro ur douing great and keep it up

  29. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks =D i intend to keep shuffling…its a part of my life now =D

  30. D0minat3ful says:

    aha good video man, great to see you getting into it ^.^

  31. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    especially the spinning tutorial ;D lol

  32. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks for the feedback bro =] i’ve been practicing a lot since my last vid…i think i’ve gotten a lot better…im going to make a new vid soon so that you can see the progress i’ve made and let me know what u think about it =] and i checked out the tutorials….they’re awsome..and they help a lot =) thanks =D


    yo man so i just checked this your really not doing anything wrong iv almost been shuffling for a year & 3 months not it just takes practice and lots of it i shuffle every single day of my life at least once thats how i got so good but yeah man do work on your stomps try to make them more powerful oh and i have some tutorials on my page you could check through them see if they help 😀 -HSU|HSF ROCKO

  34. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks =D

  35. BassKids1 says:

    Nice man just keep on practicing

  36. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    thanks a lot bro =D i dont plan to stop anytime soon ;D shuffling has become part of my life now =D lol