PremonitionUKs Melbourne Shuffle Movie 2011. We decided to use a variety of venues for each clip and due to other problems not all the dancers could make clips including Exist and Dewitt,. However they are now in the group. Thanks to benny for producing the first track. Dancers In Video: Jez, QuinnyPOO, Infamouz, SuperNash, ConseQuence, Ironiikkzz, Inverse, Smythie SUBSCRIBE US WE NEED ALL THE SUPPORT WE CAN GET RIGHT NOW SEND AROUND TO YOUR MOTHERS MOTHERS BROTHERS SISTERS COUSINS FRIEND WHO WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH BARRACK OBAMA AND SHANE DAWSON We may be having a few changes soon to look out for. Please Comment, Like/Dislike, Favourite Tracklist: 1. Thomas The Tank Engine - Official Theme Song (Benny Lew Hard Tech Remix) 2. Revealed On 4000 Views 3. David Rust - Prototech (KloneZ Remix) 4. Mike Steventon vs. Sid E Fect - Got Power 5. Showtek - Brain Cracking (Original Mix) 6. Kidd Kaos ft. Sid E Fect - I Found Music 7. Blademasters vs. Linkin Park and Jay Z - In The End 8. Alex Kidd and Kidd Kaos - True Or Not (Story So Far) 9. Signum - Coming On Strong (Alex Kidd Refix) 10. Revealed On 5500 Views We Are On Facebook: For Hoodies Etc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “MELBOURNE SHUFFLE 2011 . PREMO UK”

  1. note that I’m not the first who tell this to you, maybe you should do something. I think, you should start with selection of better tracks.then watch melbourne shuffle compilation (third for example) and practice!practice!practice!

  2. @premonitionOFFICIAL woh, guys ! you can disavow everything but in fact, it’s not a melbourne shuffle, it is LMFAO-style-gay-shuffle.

  3. Kill3rDyl says:

    great vid mate, you lot have skill. I love 5:00 where he drops his phone so just kicks it away haha

  4. name of the last song please??

  5. iXLuciferFilthXi says:

    Kicks at 1:22?

  6. NeoBlueBearZchannel says:

    The “other guy” me.t smithye

  7. NeoBlueBearZchannel says:

    Umm hoping you could tell me what kind of boots does the last guy have and other guy

  8. NeoBlueBearZchannel says:

    There bad ass

  9. ShItGrApEjElLy96 says:

    i bet u bitches cant even do it so stop fucking hating u faggot ass mommas boy bitch. learn it then talk shit.

  10. wesley0706 says:

    U guys suck go back to tectonic

  11. connorhall70 says:

    not melbourne at all thats gay style how do i know i just watched it for 80 seconds 🙁 thanks alot penis face

  12. p4rtyp00perz says:

    @rynkid1 the melbourne shuffle is basically just the “t-step” the melbourne shuffle is the dance not the style:) i aint a know it all but thats what i believe and i asked around and readi wiki(not saying its reliable)

  13. p4rtyp00perz says:

    Dude awesome styles guys!

  14. WTF…I think Melbourne shuffle Is best…What kidn of SHuffle is dat.

  15. anhisking says:

    these guys definately need to go down to australia melbourne and learn shuffling in person

  16. 123GStarRaw says:

    @Bobual We dance to express ourself

  17. arifcantshuffle says:

    no wonder you guys are good at playing football too haha! Youre shuffling moves plus football skills.. GODLIKE. HAHA! Nice vid btw.

  18. virusXchannel25 says:

    song 2 plz???

  19. mirrorme2k112demax says:

    de ginger is shite tell him nt to shuffle again serously

  20. TophatFaggot says:

    Well, no offence, but that actually sucks.

  21. unobsessedbelieber says:

    My friend was right. This is beast. LMFAO can’t shuffle.

  22. @twoker100 Then its better :D,pls song i realy like it 🙂 !

  23. DJmurderbazz says:

    Nice skills. Start song are great XDD

  24. MaximusEurope says:

    very cool!! love shuffle!! been doing 2 for 9 weeks and its so much fun 2 do!! 😀

  25. 5:36 omfg nice shuffle!