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25 Responses to “melbourne shuffle 6”

  1. staticslasher24 says:

    who are these people?? there so madd and chilled when they shuffle XD

  2. what0hardstyle says:

    wow back in the day thats how people shuffled to techno trance and hardstyle.. still cool

  3. SkrableSkrible says:

    I came at the rabbit. Shit was fuckin’ sick. ANIMAL SHUFFLES xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. Himlagglol says:

    this is funny!!!! and i loved it!

  5. viralyinfectious says:

    just gunna say <3for the dancing bunn and penguin

  6. QsarShuffler says:

    The guy from 3:25 to 4:02 is the difference between crazy and INSANE.

    That is absolute body freedom, omg.

  7. stomperfukyea says:

    funny enough the sec last dancer i think his name is marques still looks good because of his style. even though today shuffling is so not cool hahahahahah but i remember watching this vid in 05 i think. such a good documentry

  8. shufflealpha says:

    2,30 i love

  9. TekkaSage says:

    LoL @ 4:03

  10. ferrocioushermit says:

    his is awsome..i wonder why only 1000+ views

  11. Quiero que este baile llegue a mi pais…Venezuela…

  12. The very first guy
    The rest is regular shuffling.

  13. postnuke21 says:

    thats melbourne shuffling dude , the only hardstep step i see there isthe one with the foot transition from behind to forward everything else is melb shuffle cause hes CLEARLY shuffling
    arrogance and ignorance? where the hell do u get that ftom

  14. That isn’t “old-school shuffling”.
    It is clearly hardstep.. If you can’t see that and you know what hardstep is, thats purely arrogance and ignorance.
    I usually shuffle without doing RM anyway.

  15. schtevemayte says:

    whos the guy in the red hat, hes a machine

  16. jellyguy96 says:

    I’d still call it hardstep.

  17. i lol’d so much at that point.

  18. robertisme says:

    hardstep is just a name
    it is the melbourne shuffle

  19. robertisme says:


  20. robertisme says:

    lol ?

  21. postnuke21 says:

    I wouldnt talk to u without knowing what hardstep is ..

  22. That is hardstep.. Look it up in youtube…

  23. postnuke21 says:

    He’s doing pure melb shuffling without running man , nadj ust using the foot siwtching to transitions ;]

  24. footballmarsh10 says:

    sik dancin u fags

  25. TripleBeamDreaming says:

    best shuffle video on youtube