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25 Responses to “melbourne shuffle 8”

  1. JiganJigan says:

    i found one person calling it Brain Lock by Elit3, but i can’t find it on internets

  2. JiganJigan says:

    FUUUUUUUUU—— the 5:00 track where are you!!!

  3. piecartbox says:

    Waht is the song at the end???????????

  4. song names!

  5. JeKissflash says:

    What’s the song at 5:00???

  6. SigniaMusic says:

    Looking and sounding good, nice channel
    -Greetz, Geordie & Ewan.

  7. alvarado12345678910 says:

    @pustotnk dude melbourne shuffle is not just runingman and t-step is about creating your own style and dancing to the music . is about getting the rave feeling dont hate man

  8. xBitterEndx says:

    @Nestapoke i’M also looking for this track ..for aaaaaages :(

  9. predator051084 says:

    @pustotnk there is no ‘real’ Melb shuffle, it’s what you make it yourself..if your heart aint in it you aint shuffling my friend

  10. Nestapoke says:

    anyone know the music to this?

    track from 5:00 is amazing

  11. turboman801 says:

    rave style shuffle hahaha tight shit

  12. bambelibu says:

    @desinate i think he’s asian so that was no surprise xDDD

  13. @pustotnk this is the REAL melbourne shuffle, what you are seeing is the nu-style variant.

  14. @Goggles001 haha just what I thought. 😀

  15. humvee600 says:

    @pustotnk, dude go fuck off to ur fuckin hip hop, u hip hop shitter

  16. omg stop showing this shit to people cus this is not even the real melb. shuffle.

    this stuff is shitty.

  17. Goggles001 says:

    Is it me or does the guy an 0:20 seem stoned?

  18. DeejayDuensch says:

    Whats da name of da first song?

  19. @EvilBerzerker2 hahaha love it 🙂

  20. EvilBerzerker2 says:

    @desinate actually, 2 few seconds before i wondered to myself “why the hell does he have white gloves on?!” now we know 😛

  21. EvilBerzerker2 says:

    @desinate yeah it was great, made me laugh n pretty original eh 😛

  22. Guy with white gloves is one of the best ive seen, if not the best.. Keep groovin man please!

  23. What’s the song at 6:10?
    Great vid btw!

  24. neuspeed79 says:

    dammit.. i wish i would have learned the melbourne shuffle 10 years ago xD

  25. VictheTrix says:

    Ravers!!!! awesome. its cool seeing different styles all at once