Melbourne Shuffle by SLOW & PhoeniX ! 路 Information 路 The summer is about to end, so why not try to relax & dance in the forest... lol 馃榾 Some shuffle from me & my friend, that's all. 路 Disclaimer 路 The audio content in this video is not made by the video author. All tracks are used only for entertainment purposes. This is a non-profit video, no credit & no copyright is claimed. 路 Thanks 路 Thanks to Slow & his girlfriend for the camera. Thanks to all the artists who make this awesome music. Special Thanks to all of you who like watching my videos & support me. Good luck! 路 Additional Information 路 Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64-bit Edition) Adobe After Effects CS5 (64-bit Edition) SONY Vegas PRO 10.0 (64-bit Edition) Tracklist: 1. [0:00 - 1:40] Karpe DM - Rock (J!XAW Remix) 2. [1:40 - 2:20] Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos - Ground Zero Theme 09 3. [2:20 - 2:50] Lisa Lashes & Alex Kidd Vs. Kidd Kaos - Nu Religion 4. [2:50 - 3:30] Masif DJ's - Children (Steve Hill Vs. D10 Encore Mix) 路 Tags 路 Melbourne Shuffle SLOW PhoeniX HDM Hard Dancers Motion RDC Rave Dancers Community RNrullez DanielThePhoenix YouTube 路 Video 路 Melbourne Shuffle by SLOW & PhoeniX ! 路 Contacts 路 YouTube鈩 Channel: G-Mail: Google+: Facebook: Twitter: @Dan_The_Phoenix MSN / E-Mail: Skype: DanielThePhoenix STEAM: Videogaga Channel: www ...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle by SLOW & PhoeniX !”

  1. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @Sanctumshuffler There is锘 a tracklist in description…

  2. Sanctumshuffler says:

    whats the锘 beginning song?

  3. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @RafaelJStreetEvol Obrigado :)锘

  4. RafaelJStreetEvol says:

    Curti Muito seu stylo Phoenix,锘 parabems

  5. slow锘 shouldn’t cald him self for slow ;O

  6. MrGusse0123 says:

    You are shuffle锘 hard, but it dont look so good..

  7. MaxFresh27 says:

    袣袗袣 413 袩袨袧袪袗袙 袠 孝袗袣 袦袗袥袨 袩袪袨小袦袨孝袪袨袙?!袛袨袥袞袧袨 袘蝎孝鞋锘 袘袨袥鞋楔袝 袩袪袨小袦袨孝袪袨袙!!!

  8. MaxFresh27 says:

    PXOENIX PRO!!!!!!!

  9. NamiMiiki says:

    yea nice very very fast!!锘

  10. dustinalmanza45 says:

    Your sick ha ha. Keep it up!锘

  11. DanielThePhoenix says:

    Thank you all, i have updated the video description & wrote the tracklist in锘 there. 馃檪

  12. RazeStarLV says:


  13. UpsetShuffle says:

    OMFG… slow锘 is back to the best style i m inspired now Again !

    UPSET Is a slow Fan Since Ever –

  14. Thank you all :)in future we want do锘 more feated videos with phoenix

  15. ShuffleSmile says:

    @DanielThePhoenix sps ;)锘

  16. TheTOPProductions says:

    u锘 guys are awesome :d

  17. CrutialProductions says:

    Nice video Love锘 both your styles 馃榾


  18. DanielThePhoenix says:

    Thank you all very much! xD锘

  19. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @ShuffleSmile Masif DJ’s – Children (Steve Hill锘 Vs. D10 Encore Mix)

  20. you’re two mad shuffler:)) like锘 your movements!!

  21. ShuffleSmile says:

    2:50 muzon锘 plzz 馃榾 馃檪

  22. ShuffleSmile says:

    ZAIBISJ ! +5 ;)锘

  23. TheSatanas2211 says:

    very nice.
    LIKE锘 IT^^

  24. PhDLeon2K says:

    Woah man , that was an awesome shuffle , you’ve improved a lot , keep if up 馃榾 , oh and nice style “slow锘 ” 馃檪

  25. yeeeaaah baby锘 馃榾 ! 5*