Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #1

Some of my favourite shufflers from all around the world. I do not own any of the music in this video, it is used for viewing purpose only. Enjoy Songs: 1.Headhunterz - Power of the Mind 2.Blutonium Boy - Acid over Sydney 3.Karpe DM - 8th Wonder of the World 4.Dark Oscillators - Sterophobia 5.Donkey Rollers - No one can stop 6.D-block&Stephan - Keep it coming 7.Wildstylerz - The Moon 8.Headhunterz - End of my Existance 9.Shingo DJ - Celio

11 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #1”

  1. patrickripassa says:

    We Dutches have our own Dance style!

    Buth this looks Crazy!

  2. bradXshuffle says:

    @RespektDaBass well they dont. These melbourne, lithuanian and brasil people are better 🙂

  3. RespektDaBass says:

    @bradXshuffle grrr nahh Sydney wrecks

  4. bradXshuffle says:

    @IMuNsTeRx Read the description 🙂

  5. bradXshuffle says:

    @RespektDaBass all are better then sydney.

  6. IMuNsTeRx says:

    Whats that song at 0:49? (:

  7. RespektDaBass says:

    @bradXshuffle Nah no way only SKP/Snoway is beast the rest arent as good as Sydney 😉

  8. bradXshuffle says:

    @RespektDaBass plus these guys are better then sydney people 🙂

  9. RespektDaBass says:

    @bradXshuffle i knoww lol

  10. bradXshuffle says:

    @RespektDaBass These are not sydney shufflers! Silly.

  11. RespektDaBass says: