Melbourne Shuffle Compilation PART 1: Melbourne Shuffle Compilation PART 2: [PART 1; 2.5k views] Melbourne Shuffle Compilation PART 3: [PART 2; 2k views] "THIS VIDEO" Melbourne Shuffle Compilation PART 4: [PART 3; 2k views] Melbourne Shuffle Compilation PART 5: WHEN EVER I HAVE THE TIME / WHEN EVER I FEEL LIKE IT PS: From now on the videos aren't going to be so long; by that I mean from 5 minutes to 10 minutes long! (; SHUFFLERS IN ORDER [20 SHUFFLERS]: Breeno: - [BRAZIL] Jboi: - [AUSTRALIA] Jamie: - [IRELAND] Rooh: - [BRAZIL] Sicky: - [BRAZIL] Fusion: - [UNITED STATES] JordZ: - [SPAIN] Nia: - [IRELAND] Dell Boy: haven't got youtube account - [UNITED KINGDOM] Quinnypoo: - [UNITED KINGDOM] EckO: - [AUSTRALIA] False: - [UNITED STATES] Mike: - [BRAZIL] Vørtex: - [BRAZIL] Vibez: - [NORWAY] Bolt: - [UNITED STATES] RowenZ: - [UNITED KINGDOM] Yoshi: - [BRAZIL] VicTToR: - [BRAZIL] FoLm: - [UNITED KINGDOM] I DO NOT OWN ANY SONG[S]! ALL THE CREDITS GOES TO THE OWNERS/ARTISTS! TRACKLIST: 1) 00:00 - 00:56 - DJ Medowz - After Hours Club (Busho Remix) 2) 00:57 - 01:51 - SweClubberz - Angels Harmony 3) 01:52 - 02:36 - Dj Tatanka - GTP ...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2011 PART 3 | Songlist Released”

  1. EdwardShuffler1 says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 I found it and thank you very much eheh =)

  2. EdwardShuffler1 says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 aaaaaaaa me podrias decir el nombre de transition =) me gusto mucho 😉

  3. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @EdwardShuffler1 It is a transition from the NewBlueFX 🙂

  4. EdwardShuffler1 says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 if as you did so that the letters had the effect of entry and exit as well as sweeping as you did =)

  5. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @EdwardShuffler1 Thanks bro! <3 But what do you mean with the letters? :P

  6. EdwardShuffler1 says:

    very good compilation bro! Add to Favorites
    a question as you did want to know the effect of the letters?
    I would greatly appreciate it

  7. Please can I be in the next one? (united kingdom) . HR/Project

  8. ThePancakeProdigy says:

    Me 3 😀

  9. HSJBlakeA says:

    @joker25beast same here bro…. same here

  10. joker25beast says:

    I wanna one day be on one of these compilations… thats my future goal 🙂

  11. iKillborn2kilNOE says:

    i Watched every second of it and i loved the Classic Hardstyle song u used HSU // Zionik

  12. MrMikki666 says:

    hello i hsk/angel of dead i liked

  13. Thx for vid 🙂 that’s fun.

  14. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @ptboi42 Thanks!

  15. *added to favorites

  16. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @raversfanticy2011 Thanks (;

  17. raversfanticy2011 says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 Ok ill try ;D

  18. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @raversfanticy2011 Why can’t you be more optimistic?

  19. raversfanticy2011 says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 don’t take it to heart its just a different point of view 😀

  20. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @raversfanticy2011 Okay

  21. raversfanticy2011 says:

    i liked the first Compilation better

  22. HardtranceXxInjected says:

    Is also the current music? :’DD

  23. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @99andrez99 Just wrote it in description (;

  24. 99andrez99 says:

    where are these guys from??

  25. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @greivin960 I’m glad that you like it bro!<3