third instalment, enjoy
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25 Responses to “..Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 3…”

  1. 2:24 LMFAO teacher hah~’

  2. Kartoffelbrotmampfer says:

    @Silversavage god thank you, luckily there are some people how know the music 😀

  3. 69AngeloMartinez says:

    @fireworkforlife ha right, it looks like the charleston, i wanna learn it too haha

  4. fireworkforlife says:

    @ 2:12 how do they call it?
    i wanna learn it haha

  5. DocTheDutch says:

    Dude you freaking made my day!! That blue screen shuffler is the best there was a longer vid of him but they removed it,

  6. @yummycandy321 anything is good, converse are really goods =]

  7. AboutTenMidgets says:

    I just learned how to shuffle! 😀

  8. nethanbabes says:

    @CattyTheGingerCat Fur real? o-o never seen shufflin like that ^^

  9. CattyTheGingerCat says:

    @nethanbabes no it actually is shuffle, its just he does it his own way =]

  10. omg MEMORIES fuck my life I change back to hardstyle :(

  11. I know Sarah is hot.. But man.. lets face it.. Pae just OWNS!!! If you wanna see perfection 4:29!!! Smooth and fucking dope!!!

  12. ALROFA2010 says:

    melborne shuffle is the gooooooooooood dance

  13. D0minat3ful says:

    ahahaa that guy that u says isnt shuffleing, its actualy the original electro shufle xD

  14. nethanbabes says:

    @simonceli1 c-walk i think o_o Or something like that

  15. morethananobody says:

    This can be like a movie

  16. DreamSeaker89 says:

    @HardToBeAPoopGod omg jajaja

  17. simonceli1 says:

    whats the style 2:12 ?

  18. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where I teach some lil kids to shuffle, its funny shit.

  19. HardToBeAPoopGod says:

    2:24 i am: ELECTRIC MAN

  20. shufflerdom09 says:

    i love it man 🙂 HBU// Blue Bird A.K.A dom bleijie u added me on facebook 🙂

  21. FMLSkateKrew says:

    @yummycandy321 wear normal shows on slik floor socks work the best. and for some shoes wich have to much grip an easier way to do it is to put duct tape on the bottom of it it slides real good.

  22. fellarr475021700 says:

    2:20 It may not be shuffling but… MUTHAFUKA RULEZ!!!

  23. I need to know who the guy shuffling at 2:20 is =O
    Does he have his own video on youtube? Thanks!

  24. shinigamijoker says:

    deadly lol all i have to say

  25. dragon26463 says:

    @Diegointhebuilding I think it’s in australia