PART 2 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINK ::: Shufflers: 1. francis 2. Pae 3. Musher 4. Joe 5. moonboy & abangben 6. Moonboy & abangben + Friend 7. apekwhuut vs abangben 8. abangben & Friends 9. Nick (BassInstructors) 10. BigMilan 11. Sarah 12. Qlimax 13. Brazuka 14. Sacco 15. Mikki ----------------------------------------- Songs used: 1. Zairon - Stand up (zatox piano mix) 2. Joshn and wesh vs glowiej - i got you 3. Dj zany - Pillz 4. Bass Modulators - The Cube (Orginal Mix) 5. The Pitcher - Karma The End =) 1. Comment + rate pleas ! Jumpen Jumpstyle Hardstyle Hardjump Stampjumpen Hakken ... alle » ... alle » Hardcore ... alle » speedcore terror Hakking Jefke Jef Jeffrey Jumpuhh Jobske Job style Jumping b Kickstyle. Jumpen Jumpstyle Jumpuh Hakken Hardjump Hardstyle tekken Appelen stampjumpen jumpen Hardcore speedcore Freefall Jeckyll & Hyde Freestyle jumpen Jcb Jsb Jumpsquadberghem Jumpclub brabant Jumpclubbrabant Jumpsquadberghem Patrickjee Jumpstyle muziek Jumping Jumping isnt a crime jumpinbeats explosive cartuning Hakkuhbar gabbertje Lunenburg Morgenzon Vlaam Jumpingvlaam dj theas Jumpingg Joep Jan Anton Dj Dio Freestyleuhh Movie 7 Dj gino Den bosch Noord-side jumper Jsbb .tk .nl Nederlandse jump Holland. Patrick Jumpen : Tutorial Jumpen die Jan Peter Balkenende zelfs kan begrijpen ! ... alle »jumping W & J master p productions hakkuh hakken hardcore hardstyle cabaret jumpen jumpuh ...
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If your in the vid and wanna be named, just drop a comment saying where you are in the vid 😉 plz rate and fav! (i spent 3 hours uploading this in hi-resolution and youtube took it back down to WAY low! click HD and it'l look HEAPS better!)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “MeLbOuRnE ShUfFlE COMPILATION BEST OF 1 2 3 4 5 (Part 2)”

  1. Hahahahaha!!!! Go Vanilla Ice!!!! Come on dudes…do your Homework!!!

    This dance is called the Running Man…It’s from the 90ties. And the way MC Hammer does his running man is so much cooler than what you guys are doing now! And MC Hammer….that was 20 years ago…but oke, you guys were not born yet so I don’t blame you…but if you copy a dance, try to do it better next time.

  2. dudemanguyperson42 says:

    these guys arent all that great. put more francis and sacco in

  3. francis and moonboy both kinda pwn really hard.

  4. KickMayer says:

    Name the first song! 😀

  5. mushufreak says:

    @6BlackandWhite9 yea moon boy is pro

  6. youfuckidot says:

    franciss ;D

  7. LegendsOfShuffle says:


    can watching my?


  8. RajHardRod says:

    All racist & indian killer here.

  9. for some reason girls shuffling is really hot

  10. TheParkourrepublic says:

    is that katelyn gaskie???? at start ?? or francis


    whats wrong with melbourne people?! what was that?!

  12. supersaiyan2ian says:

    most of the song’s bass wasn’t good only the 3rd song’s bass was decent (well thats what i think)

  13. imingunit1 says:

    yeh!!! francis!!! he rules!

  14. lukeilusion says:

    moonwalk has got nothin to do with runnin man, really, they may look alike, but they’re completely diferent.

  15. Polium101 says:


  16. KlaBBer2009 says:


    plz rate and comment..!))

  17. yolombo07 says:


  18. 6BlackandWhite9 says:

    0:57 The brother and lil’ bro dancing there made my day, that’s friggin’ awesome.

  19. TheParkour101 says:

    ¸„ø¤º°¨F0R3V3R“°º¤- that was mad 5

  20. xXAigisXx says:

    Actually, the running man is very similar to MJ’s moonwalk. MJ is the one who fathered the running man, pretty much

  21. /watch?v=gNZ35AMlgdw

  22. /watch?v=gNZ35AMlgdw

  23. is it me or is 2.14 guy really tall?

  24. Crosnavi024 says:

    check my shuffle


  25. cowgomoo91 says:

    @sk8nmate i really dont think he gives a sit wether they are fat pants or not

  26. braderkis says:

    shit i wish i was therre

  27. ccshufflers says:

    god this makes me dream

  28. elle is the best

  29. TheHardStyleLife says:

    WoW soooo good anyone going to the AOB meet up in 2 weeks at fed square ?

  30. TheHardStyleLife says:

    WoW soooo good wish the had another meetup
    Anyone going to AOB meetup in 2 weeks Fed Scuare

  31. MindWraith02 says:

    unfortunately mikki isnt quite as impressive in person nowadays as his old videos from 3 years ago, there were alot more interesting things going on there for me to point my cam at 🙂

  32. bomberboy1795 says:

    Should have gotten more footage of mikki

  33. shuffler2010 says:

    is there something like this comming up this year????

  34. AngelsOFBassCrew says:

    Go Ninja!

  35. rangezwinky says:

    first song??

  36. omg i soo wanna move there over in melbourne for like a year and just got to that :O … alll them dancers dont no how lucky they are to actually have a shfl disco

  37. paulb1977 says:

    oh by the way its underage… under 18s only

  38. paulb1977 says:

    Hey Shufflers,

    Good Life Music Festival Saturday March 13
    shed 4, docklands, Melbourne
    10,000 people, 26 DJs & Live Acts over 4 huge arenas/stages.

    HARD KANDY STAGE (Shufflers Paradise) –
    Dr. Willis, Scott Alert, Jewelz & Hellraiser.
    (lots of shuffel comps through the day/night)
    Plus last hour in the main room is Dr. Willis V Scott Alert.

    you can find us on myspace, facebook and just google us for the official website.
    or message me here for info or for flyers to be sent to your school.

  39. XESHADOWX says:

    Its funny how Mikki won but didnt shuffle long..

  40. haaa theres a little kid shuffling at the end 😀

  41. Rennmaaka says:

    proves that every shuffler is apart of a family of shufflers that enjoy and love what we do. The passion for the shuffle will last forever.

  42. shuffler44613 says:

    SHUFFLE ORGY!!!!!!!

  43. AngelsOFBassCrew says:

    goooood times. (:

    – ninja

  44. WilliamsSebastian says:

    this video is awsome 😀

  45. PoMzTuNeZ says:

    whats the song called?
    wicked vid man! (:


  46. eggplant69er says:

    Everyone Come To The Shuffle Meetup On September 5th!
    At Federation Square At 12!
    Tell Everyone On Msn/Myspace/Youtube!
    Be There!

  47. im in the vid yay

  48. narutoblue says:

    that must’ve been awesome!
    whats the second song name?

  49. hardstyledance09 says:

    yer its teeny bopper its like a raver seen kid but dont rave 😛

  50. Jacekkozaczek says:

    fkin mad. i luv elle ^^
    i wish to wisit yall haha ;d