Melbourne Shuffle Compilation - Best of Mas Style 2010!

..::SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL::.. Like + Coments + Favo Edit: Ruy Crew @ Shufflers @ Channel [DOPE] Ozaae [ ] [DLM] Joker [ ] [EB] Aurora [ ] [SF] Psycho [ ] [DOPE] Mark [ ] [BH] Lelo [ ] [HERO] Tachiban [ ] [TIHP] Darkness [ ] [SF] Z-mile [ ] [MI] Crash [ ] SONGLIST RELEASED! 1° Ozaae & Joker - [ Organ Donors - 99.9 (Kidd Kaos Under The Knife Remix) ] 2° Aurora & Psycho [ Kidd Kaos - Bleep Bleep (A*S*Y*S Remix) ] 3° Mark & Lelo [ Cally & Juice Feat MC Shocker - Bionic Decade Anthem (Kidd Kaos Remix) ] 4° Tachiban & Darkness [ Dark by Design - Crazy ] 5° Z-mile & Crash [ Alex Kidd Vs. Kidd Kaos - Kiddstock Theme 2008 (ASYS Remix) ] DONE IT! I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching.

The first in a continuous mix of the most popular Melbourne Shuffle music on YouTube. Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on FaceBook: This set was inspired by: loeffelabgeber1 and his EOS Hardstyle Mix videos. NOT ALL OF MY VIDEOS WILL BE HARDSTYLE MIXES! TRACKLIST: 1 Blademasterz - One Blade 2 Southstylers - Pounding Senses 3 Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia 4 Beattraax - Project Well 5 Patrick Bunton - Young Birds 6 Technoboy - Into Deep (Slidout remix) [continued] I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF ANY OF THE PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED MUSIC! All intellectual materials are Copyright their respective owners. No Copyright infringement intended. Please do not download this mix unless you already own a copy of each track. =]

44 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation – Best of Mas Style 2010!”

  1. I Fucking LOVE Melbourne Shuffle! I don’t know how to shuflle but I really wanted to 🙁

  2. chouing66 says:

    great shuffle! and THHHHXX for playlist dude! 😉

  3. u are gay?

  4. 1. MELBOURNE shuffle comp.
    2. best of MAS style…
    where’s the logic?

  5. wahlaonousernameone says:

    you shld feature t1m as well…

  6. GeorgeMumford says:

    would have been better without all these shitty effects.

  7. @RBPresents No, I’m talking about how people commonly use that as a tactic to get people to subscribe, because they accidentally click it when they’re trying to skip the video.
    I’m trying to help you people will probably get annoyed by it. Just saying.

  8. RBPresents says:

    @5Sybon - Isn’t my fault if your net is slow. o

  9. Dude please don’t put the subscribe button right next to the loading bar….  -_-

  10. RubioRaver says:

    Sooo, wat does the MAS stand for?

  11. Blastukazz says:

    the last song was slipknot – snuff. love that song. and this video of course. ;))

  12. lucasvideomaker says:

    Foda RUy :D

  13. What is the name song that plays from 5:00 minutes to 7:00 minutes? Please, thanks.

  14. XChxshufflex says:

    @ExtremeBassRockersi know,  that comment was about 1 year ago

  15. What’s his name first song?

  16. ExtremeBassRockers says:

    @XChxshufflex dude he’s in SF,EB and HERO what are you talking about man? x,D

  17. Best video !!! :)

  18. AnythingButHuman says:

    My style is Hardstyle SHIRT!
    Shipping Worldwide! and in many colors!..

  19. Hmm..Still HSK are better than every MAS shuffler.. even though i’m a MAS but i still like other country still especially Melbourne Hardstyle

  20. fico legall

  21. @schischako probably sony vegas 9 pro and adobe after effects lol

  22. 20skullkid says:

    what effect did you use on the fourth shuffler?

  23. IchBinKRRAANK says:

    insane !

  24. schischako says:

    Which programm do you use to edit your videos =)

    very nice compilation 😉

  25. Toninjaforyou says:

    the guys mask at 5:13 is sick!

  26. CoWsTylZz says:

    Stereophobia >_> (good old times) <3

  27. VeeeeNasty says:


  28. MrLolking57 says:

    Number Three is best

  29. SuperDarkReach says:

    i make music and this is wut i would like to make it like this HARDSTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. numba 4 sounds like beiber getting raped

  31. loosio100 says:

    and fuck lmfao

  32. loosio100 says:


  33. goosehalo123 says:

    i love shuffling

  34. @ChibiFatKitty No..?

    Scantraxx Record Company.

  35. ChibiFatKitty says:

    @halfingr scantraxx roots?

  36. ChibiFatKitty says:

    @MrsJohnsonTHEdick Biter much? and why you even listening to this music posting random ass shiet at least make a comment related to tthe music

  37. ChibiFatKitty says:

    @halfingr im sure they could and knowing about copyrights then you took a risk but this can also be a start for a career too

  38. @ChibiFatKitty It doesn’t matter how much I say “This music doesn’t belong to me” because I don’t have proper republishing rights. Plus… It’s not a remix. =I

    mixtape =/= remix

    Scantraxx – being a major content provider in this case – could take this down at any time, with or without my consent.

  39. MrsJohnsonTHEdick says:

    @ChibiFatKitty ChubbyFatdickChaser

  40. ChibiFatKitty says:

    @MrsJohnsonTHEdick MrsJohnsonSUCKAdick

  41. MrsJohnsonTHEdick says:

    @ChibiFatKitty its a fucking joke i know this nigga fuck you

  42. ChibiFatKitty says:

    @MrsJohnsonTHEdick cuz its a remix and he even stated it wasnt his music so

  43. YumYums26 says:

    This could be interesting if it launches off well,
    add some Tuneboy 🙂

  44. MrsJohnsonTHEdick says:

    Copyright infringement DENIED!!!!