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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hello my friends and spectators on this time presents Melbourne Shuffle Compilation - Worthy oF All shufflers sequences have no meaning for me... Enjoy the Compilation ;] Comments and Subscribe For MORE! Special Thanks for Upest Visit me on Facebook: www.facebook.com I will supported Upest You Tube Channel: www.youtube.com Bass Haven Channel : www.youtube.com Hardstyle Republic Poland: www.youtube.com Shufflers: - Maac - MYUi - Reece - Huper - Genesis - CAI - Eclipz - Lulu - Rikkiz - Warbandit - Guss - Boo - EGA - Vortex - TiToo - Upest - KoL - J-Crow - Ruy - Passion PS.. Wait For Next... Track List not Full: Arctic Quest - Meltdown Fabio Stein - Speedster (Original Uprise Mix) Luca Antolini Vs Andrea Montorsi - Free Phil York & Dark By Design - White Widdow
Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation – Best of MAS Style [SONGLIST RELEASED]”

  1. adamc96shf says:

    @ilovetohavelonglogin melbourne>malaysian>everything else>nothing>lmfao 

  2. KropsVont says:

    @NecroKillerOfficial <3 yes too true

  3. Dangerusandhidden says:

    Check this out! Soon to be released Shuffle Master Classes featuring instinct and Sacco facebook.com/pages/Shuffle-Mas­ter-Class/134089546693557?v=wa­ll

  4. @ilovetohavelonglogin lol, Melbourne>Malaysian>all types of shuffle(excluding LMFAO) > Jumpstyle> Tektonik> everything that exists> LMFAO Shuffle

  5. NecroKillerOfficial says:

    @naruhinafanforlifeya hahaha true.

  6. naruhinafanforlifeya says:

    @NecroKillerOfficial Wait, LMFAO shuffled? I swore they just did the running man with a little of upper body movement >_>

  7. HardStyleIsMyStylee says:

    gotta say the 1st guy scared the shit out of me!!!! ='(

  8. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  9. NanoTheMasterPower says:


  10. @tranquilityzxc thanks! do you know if there’s a video or something?

  11. tranquilityzxc says:

    @Juulzism that move is somehow called ‘horse ride’ .

  12. shufflebegginer says:

    @Fr4nzmann Malaysan are clones, melbourne shufflers have personality

  13. alisson135ful says:

    muito fodaaaaaaaaaasticooo

  14. can someone please tell me how the move @1:23 is called?? is there a tutorial video or something? thx

  15. NecroKillerOfficial says:

    I like all kinds of shuffle as long is not fake LMFAO shuffle.

  16. Fr4nzmann says:

    whats the difference between melborne shuffle and malaysian shuffle ?

  17. TomoHawKzZ says:

    When will people realize all shuffle is melbourne? It originated in Melbourne in the 80’s and was mostly T-stepping then it turned into the HARDSTYLE shuffle it is today, and out from that evolved different styles, like Malaysain and Electro and of course… shitty Cali or “Lmfao” shuffle.

  18. puntofamily says:

    LMFAO wannabes use to try dancing like this,
    then i shot them an arrow in the knee…
    and another in the head 😀

  19. I agree, i like this malaysia style, but when i see a “chicken” malaysia dance it’s pretty dumb..

  20. @GizmoFts mrsubscribe11 is right this is melbourne, as are all styles even lmfao sadly enough :/

  21. mrsubscribe11 says:

    @GizmoFts This is melbourne shuffle, just a different style. A lot of people get confused on this..

  22. @GizmoFts
    Dude, All shuffling is melbourne.
    But malaysia has its own style.

  23. damn <3 where its @!

  24. camilocyrus says:

    LOL NICE 😀

  25. VeCharlie says:


  26. Plesniorowy says:


    nie moja wina, że robię 5 ruchów w jeden kick :C

  27. StanislavShugaev says:

    Please trek in time 3:20?!)

  28. BbyxPassion says:

    I love Guss’ style {:
    Thanks for putting me in ! ^o^/

  29. SaaMProduction says:

    where is ruy ?

  30. SaaMProduction says:

    upest . kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk the right is : UPSET .. ‘-‘

  31. Sick
    Guss Song pls

  32. Neville1337 says:

    @MaCiAcHo17 dlaczego?

  33. NekroChannel says:

    Całkiem dobry film,niezły edit i genialni shufflerzy.Tylko jednak muzyka nie trochę nie pasuje.
    Jednak wielki szacunek,dziękuje za trud włożony w tą kompilacje.

  34. imAlwaysRight95 says:

    The Difference between AUS Style Shuffle and MAS Style Shuffle
    /watch?v=EidtPblYkQw ;)

  35. alejandrolpr265 says:

    ho! good video, I hope they continue to rise.
    Men ¿can you tell please in the name of the song 1:44?

  36. GooZiE8001 says:

    anyone know what the song is at 0:07 and 4:54? please!!!

  37. Wow! It rly good comp ! Nice. 😉

  38. TheLoloMs says:

    Ładna kompa Maciacho podoba mi sie fest ! . < 3

  39. @MaCiAcHo17 Jak to? No na przykład Reece całkowicie offbeat.

  40. MaCiAcHo17 says:

    @HSKonziu to nie jest chyba dobre określenie..

  41. Całkiem spoko, ale offbeat czasem. xd

  42. KissHardstyle says:

    @UpsetShuffle Upeste do agreste -q

  43. AWESOME *-*

  44. UpsetShuffle says:

    very good bro , nice job^^
    but my name is UPset <3

    BH HR DD HSQ | Upset

  45. WandisHardstyle says:

    Good comp man
    Nice edit, songs and shufflers ;D

    - WaNdiS

  46. Nice Comp ^^
    Song at 4:00 min Pls
    greetz Rockxx

  47. BassNeuroticJordz says:

    loving the comp man, great stuff!