Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Best of October

I finally summoned up enough willpower to finish this. The quality's not that good for an HD vid and there are a few editing mistakes here and there... None of that matters. I got it done 😛 Shufflers: Ch4osSh4dow (Danny) Sepio Tam Stefan K'no Breeeno Naim MrFunny Arkangel Shinoobi Hawk Epul Pr0phyz Phillow Tay Mikky swissballify Pedrin Camagy Konig Fat John Zeze Tracks: Noisecontrollers - Attack Again Brennan Heart - Face the Enemy Vandall - Turn Me On (Aex Remix) DJ Pavo - Raven Mikkas - In Absenthia (Original Mix) Tube Tonic and Dj Shandar - Brainstorm (Original Mix) Sol Ray & Dark by Design - Telepathy X Wavetraxx - Nightshift (Next Gen Mix) Enjoy 🙂

24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Best of October”

  1. Love the music,love the video, LOVE SHUFFLING!!!!

  2. what was the song at the very end?

  3. iloveyouxdabc says:

    i like how fat john is in the kitchen >.< 

  4. TheMonsterUnderYrBed says:

    Awesome video and at least they’re not all Asian. Not being racist but basically the Melbourne Shuffle originated in, obviously, Melbourne, but Asians have gone and taken it as their own thing and it’s just annoying coz they’re so good at it too. It’s like, can Australia never have anything awesome that we can call our own?

  5. Nitr0usIII says:

    where’d you get that clip of mikky? i’ve been trying to look for more vids of him and i can’t seem to find any..his style is awesome…and yes iknow that’s not Mikki xD 🙂

  6. looooooove it,fuck  yeahhhh

  7. YPhotography says:

    Your best compilation I guess

  8. RunescapePkMusic says:

    PhiLLoW wins, no doubt

  9. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @BieZelCantShuffle sony vegas and adobe after effects

    and the tracks are in the vid description (sidebar)

  10. BieZelCantShuffle says:

    And what edit program you use?

  11. shadowninja7194 says:

    like 2:12 lol….The guy in the attic Wins

  12. denisbarinovx says:

    Sickkk shufflers! I wanna be in next one (:

  13. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @MrFunnyXD hehe cheers mate

  14. MrFunnyXD says:

    just now saw this comp, its awesome and thx for putting me ^_^, my styles changed since this video:D

  15. HardstyleNik says:

    yeh shuffle in the attic!

  16. D3viLD4nTe says:

    As I do not know the song I could not tell if it is correct or not, or is it just the issue that is missing (remix)
    Thanks anyway … I just think ;]
    Brennan Heart – Face The Enemy (Techno 2009)

  17. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @D3viLD4nTe it’s correct. search up brennan heart – face the enemy, and you’ll know what i mean.

  18. D3viLD4nTe says:

    I gather that … the second song of your video is not the same as that in the description = S
    Could you pass me the correct name?

  19. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @D3viLD4nTe say what?

  20. D3viLD4nTe says:

    Correct 2 song? Plz
    Or remix?

  21. DJ PANDA :D!

  22. Raziel8143 says:

    he probably buys them : ) i wish i could ;(

  23. harris2836 says:

    Go onto google and then type in Youtube to mp3 converter and is should say somthing like dvdsoftware or somthing like that, go on that and then download the youtube to mp3 converter then alls u do is copy the link of a youtube vid that you wanna download and paste it onto the converter then press download and it downdloads it into ure itunes or whatever u use at Higher Quality then it is in the vid, Its Well Goood =)

  24. Hey Stan 🙂

    Awesome Vids !!!!!2

    take a new Compilation for January 😛
    i think your compilations are fuckin nice
    do it again and again and again 😀

    btw, epic intro !!!!!!!
    see yaa