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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Germany”

  1. Can i please get a playlist =]

  2. wo krieg ich so´n PHD hoddie in deutschland her?!?!?!

  3. williehrmann says:

    @williehrmann ah ne phillow is drin

  4. williehrmann says:

    @ULSAStudios fehlen viele :D, puma wing phillow …

  5. 3:56 NEEEEED THE TITEL OF THIS SONG, doo?!?!?!

  6. little1337 says:

    wing is the best 😀 others are nice too 😛

  7. ForgettYesterday says:

    @pr0phyz Bro, please can I have the songs at 0:15, 1:12, 1:48, 3:17 (: would really appreciate it.

  8. JuninhuWoW says:

    what name the muisc’s?

  9. ForgettYesterday says:

    whats the first song? !!

  10. Brafreak
    Keep your trap shut!

  11. lol grad erst gemerkt dass ich hier drin bin 😀
    danke 😀

  12. barbie hat nix drauf <.< also schnautze

  13. DevilofHardstyle says:

    @woundedsanity Wing says about his style its only Shuffle not Melbourne cause he shuffles some dancetypes in his dancing like Hardstep Toprock and so on =)

  14. 4:26 i love how her boobs jumps there xD

  15. woundedsanity says:

    @DevilofHardstyle same! specially Wing has a style i have never seen before!

  16. shuffleDiazZ says:

    great compilation

  17. Vileslayer27 says:

    nice 5*
    songlist pls

  18. thx 😀

  19. DevilofHardstyle says:

    We germans have the diffrent styles ive ever seen 😉 love it so

  20. nice shuffle leute hehe
    der ab 3:17 gefallt mir am besten

    Infection | Impuls

  21. TheGermanRockers says:

    germany never sleeps!

  22. DevilofHardstyle says:

    Dark by Design vs Dr. Willis – The Rotten Egg

  23. holysoks1 says:

    4:04’s song, PLEASE!

  24. holysoks1 says:

    Nice video. Germans have epic hardstyle- styles.

  25. holysoks1 says:

    WingZero ftw.

  26. EAJuninhO says:

    vlw kara por me encluir na comp ^^
    edição mto boa e shufflers mto fohdas *-*


  27. deroking1 says:

    key kiks butt.!

  28. edita muito bem cara, valeu por me colocar na comp.


  29. Nice comp

  30. @shufflegbr eu prefiro o kra dos 3:58 , muito sexy, baxo as calça pra ele ;9

  31. LizardAK40 says:

    Cam i really like your video, you guys shuffle good as hell man 😀 hey can you please tell me whats the name of the music you used in the video????

  32. armando3749 says:

    curti pakas

  33. TheMaawis says:

    aiin , é sexy pacas !

  34. nice comp!

  35. shufflegbr says:

    o cara dos 2:58 é muito gostozo *-*

  36. mrOsoX100 says:

    Cara muito lokooooo!!
    edit massa! curti demais!
    liked + fav flws


  37. FODA
    mto boa a comp *-*
    mtoo boaa msmoo!

  38. MrSpartanV says:


  39. angelowsalzer says:

    comp fodástica!
    obrigado por ter me colocado.

    thp ice

  40. fico mto boa essa comp.
    só nego pro
    5* + fav.

    Divine Step • Foxxx | BassNeurotic

  41. koShuffler says:

    Como fodona man.
    Amei seu edit
    amei os shufflers . ( gabriel é top ) ASEUHASE

    5* +fav

    THE : BN: BE : Kassio

  42. Queria as songlist, se der aê manda um recado com as song pro meu perfil.

  43. 100nomenocd says:

    curti pakas 😀 bela edição



  44. diegosouzabarbosa says:

    curti vey
    bem legal ^^
    bons shufflers tambem *-*
    5* ou (y) skaopskaposa ‘-‘ + fav
    EHB | Diiego


    BH | FF UPSET is A Frenetic Style

  46. vitinho9002 says:

    omg D:
    Very Niceee compilation <3'
    Awesome Styles *-*

    - Shynee

  47. Awesome 🙂
    some of the best shuffler, i Know.
    *thumbs up* & Fav.


  48. boa comp 5*

  49. Muiiito foda Ice e gabriel (L)
    muito show ‘-‘
    Tulio edita muito mano 🙂
    Like + favo

    TIHP – Guury – SF

  50. RalphLOL1 says:

    loko demais curti ^^