FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR UPCOMING COMPILATIONS IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THEM I DO NOT OWN THESE SONGS IN ANYWAY hhahaha here we go sorry subscribers and youtubers this one has been long delayed i know but here it is. enjoy this one. sorry if u asked to be in my compilation. my good...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Number 4: MERRY CHRISTMAS”

  1. Anyone knows song nr 6 (starts @ 4:52)??
    Great shuffling btw ;]

  2. Taunthavoc says:


  3. Look in description and follow me on twitter for upcoming compilations, if you want to be in them etc. :]

  4. screamokid121 says:

    alright some of these girls that can shuffle are absolutely stunning if you do live in melbourne give me your facebook lol i know i sound like im just tryin to get with ya but id like to get to know you lol =P

  5. HoneyProductions2010 says:

    AnkO is amazing…

  6. O_O Girls are good.. -yays-

  7. shadowlegend98 says:

    I love this compilation and the songs does anyone know the 3rd song?

  8. Shiraz963 says:

    6:52 smoking while shuffling. That’s a first. LOL!

  9. RawrzPanther says:

    1:42 shuffle jumpstylers lolwut?? its awesome!!

  10. @IrishDrifting thats one of hsv francis’ friends i seen him in another video where it asks not to be used in any other compilations but lol guess this guy didnt get the memo

  11. BAHAHAHAHAH look in the back ground at 3:10 hahhahaha

  12. xD 2:07, PHONE CHECK!!

  13. narutocool098 says:

    @Krusadahz >;X try to do this and i did it one time but other times i epicly failed trying…xDDD i have to mutch devotion…

  14. Suikoden2389 says:

    krusadahz i guess you dont know the name of teh last song, but do you know from which video it was taken? i`m desperately looking for it!

  15. narutocool098 says:

    there has to be more girls that shuffle…

  16. Krusadahz says:

    @MrRenkino uhh? i got videos of myself yeah?

  17. Suikoden2389 says:

    dude whats the last song?! I couldn even find it with shazam on the iphone -.-

  18. TheOneInTheFields says:

    5,002nd viewer. Haha.

  19. MrRenkino says:

    can u shuffle ur self??

  20. IrishDrifting says:

    5:52 is the best shuffler iv ever seen !!!

  21. Suikoden2389 says:

    what song number 9? 😀

  22. TraXXXtar says:

    who knew vaginas can shuffle =D

  23. thebladaren97 says:

    @Usualles hehe 😛

    well i think old school melb. shuffle is fucking awesome! 😀

  24. @thebladaren97 yey running man and t-step 2 basics 🙂

  25. LDashLaurent says:

    Pretty sure Song number 3 is Airwave (Sean Tyas Remix) by Rank 1