Shuffler List: Ozznberg Epul XxXJiMBizXxX Shaf Neville Antssu Jo Ezra Marko Brandon Ebankss Sam eLegend CykoMelody Ra00l Payback Naim Knazzo Wyncent Mat Track List: Neon Lights - Not Over Yet (D10 Vocal Mix) Kidd Kaos - Music is My Weapon (Original Mix) DJ YSHR - Resistance is Futile US Test - Magellan (Megara vs. DJ Lee RMX) Future Trance United - Face 2 Face (Megara vs. DJ Lee RMX) Jon the Baptist & Dj Chuck-E - Nostalgia Karybde & Scylla - Eclipse ( Jon the Baptist & DJ Chuck-E RMX) Bas & Ram - Speed of Light (Geoffrey Whiteman RMX) Enjoy.

Shufflers Presented: - Sarawr - Andii - Mikki & Jen - Mac - Epul - William - Andreezy - Tony - Henry - Tracey

50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Part 20”

  1. Nitr0usIII says:

    DAMN.. I was hoping for more compilations. 🙁

  2. gostivari123 says:

    where am i? xD haha 😛 next i want to be in xD!

  3. zachcooley says:

    its a mix between hardstyle and just melbourne shuffling :PP

  4. ForBellyrub says:

    So, there’s more to shuffling then spamming RM. Frankly this is hardstyle shuffle which is not the same as the original Melbourne shuffle-Not that youtube products know anything about that.

  5. Jawz123465 says:

    @StanCanShuffle345 i kid…i kid, love ur work <3

  6. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @Jawz123465 lmao

  7. Jawz123465 says:

    @FixedTheFernBack he got his dick caught in the dvd drive

  8. Darkphire25 says:

    *has their

  9. Darkphire25 says:

    Melbourne shuffle is a very unique dance
    Everybody ha thier own style and I love it
    I enjoy shuffling as much as I enjoyed this video


  10. Shappas92 says:

    dude u should make some more

  11. ZzXKa1zXX says:

    Not Over Yet D10 Vocal Mix by Neon Lights

  12. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @miti15 pause @ 1:45

  13. mate this is the best Shuffling video ive watched on youtube so far =] 5/5 definatly p.s whats the name of the first song that starts the video ?

  14. Ra00l FTW
    Braaziiil ! o
    awesome compilation

  15. FixedTheFernBack says:

    Whyd you stop doing these?

  16. MrCaleb24buford says:


  17. XChxshufflex says:

    comment my vis pls ^^

  18. dhfdfhdfh says:

    The reason I say that is, because the original is a little more “Out There” Mind opening trance, while the remix makes it a little more of a, “Get up and dance”. Usually I like that, but Speed of Light is just so “Extraordinary” when untouched, if you know what I mean.

  19. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    meh, both versions are nice.

  20. dhfdfhdfh says:

    The original speed of light is better.

  21. Krizz0608 says:

    it sucks being the only shuffler in iceland -.-”
    But awesome vid 😀

  22. Shuffl3T4nkz says:

    ebanks ur in to many comps lol


  23. lucasvideomaker says:

    Great Vid MAN :D very nice 🙂
    UHS – Lucas [BRAZIL – melburne shuffle.]

  24. raulhansen says:


  25. lattitwist says:

    Lol, i’ve first noticed now that you added me! Thanks!


    6/5 + favorite.

  26. guster781 says:

    check my vids ya

  27. Im part Filipino and I can shuffle.. will half xD

  28. TheOkinawanShuffler says:

    filipino shuffling? im filipino and idk how to filipino shuffle but mostly korean pm me if there is this filipino shuffle

  29. xDruggShuffler343 says:

    Songlist please

  30. XxSiCKStyLeZxX says:

    william and andreezy wr the best in this comp

  31. @CrankXTC lol one of them was a girl :S?

  32. Sniperbombers says:

    can somebody give me the track list used?!

  33. aqtranthony says:

    Wait jk shazam read wrong haha

  34. aqtranthony says:

    Song for tony is xanthe by graeme harrison

  35. jeanpaul12ify says:

    pliz song music….

  36. LucasBrazilShuffle says:

    e um filho da puta

  37. TheIggyhamilton says:

    would somebody plz just say the name of the song for TONY!!!!!! PLZ

  38. TheIggyhamilton says:

    @sout1994 do you know the name of that song

  39. iLightShow1 says:

    song name for tony?????

  40. iLightShow1 says:

    beast!!! name of 3rd song???

  41. turboman801 says:

    @samantttha Grissom and Stokes – Time

  42. turboman801 says:

    first song is!!! Grissom and Stokes – Time

  43. turboman801 says:

    @samantttha i need that first song!!!! ahhhhhhh

  44. turboman801 says:

    @jamiejensen13 lol im bosnian and every asian at my school isn’t that good only 2 of them i can actually say are better then me haha :DD

  45. turboman801 says:

    song list please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. samantttha says:

    anyone know 1st song? cant find it :[

  47. TheiPhelipe says:

    filipiinos = best dancers around

  48. mrfatflaps says:

    1.44 the best can i have song plz

  49. mrfatflaps says:

    omg the 1st girl is soo fit! now she probs ent guna go omg he thinks im fit i love him <3!!!! but its true btw nice shuffle vid

  50. love the song…..