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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Dance Basics | Hip-Hop How-to”

  1. Nigga i live in melbourne and he cant shuffle yo yo yo dog

  2. Mis Understood says:

    But here in Melbourne we shuffle to ‘HardStyles’ Trance :p

  3. Daniyar Zharkynbayev says:

    whats the name of the song at the 1:32??? please

  4. This song is shit :/

  5. Axel Schweiß says:

    you call that shuffle? 😀 you need more practice dude !!!!

  6. The t-step’s totally wrong…

  7. Renato Campos says:

    In Old School Shuffle , the T-Step was the basic step, them the RM had added ._. … so now in the new school of Shufflers [ real shufflers ] the basic steps are RM and T-Step… and this guy dont now how to do the t-step :v

  8. Adam Schmitz says:

    @MrbananasplitXD nope

  9. whats the name of the song at the end? i liked it

  10. MrbananasplitXD says:

    Am i the only one who find this hard to do?.. ;_ ;

  11. Why do I go forward more than sideways when I do this -_-

  12. Andy Rohfeld says:

    a real hard fail…

  13. Skidd Shuffle says:

    This guy can’t even shuffle. What the fuck.

  14. That isn’t the real Melbourne shuffle you party rock fags

  15. T-step is the basic? thought running man should be the basic, cos well for me i usually use the running man to change between other moves.

  16. HighOnDancing says:

    Really helped a lot, look at my videos and see, I’m bearly learning 🙂

  17. man he’s cute!

  18. Sumana Reddy says:

    that was so cool and simple !

  19. HSDUnCoNtrolled says:

    So horrible, real shuffling on my channel.

  20. RandieBaby259 says:

    whats the name of the song you used in this video:)

  21. i freaking LOVE howcast

  22. yeah he is cute but loos like he is full of shit and him self

  23. Cute move

  24. you suck

  25. how often to practice it