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How to Shuffle

This is a basic video on how to Melbourne shuffle... I'm not very good so don't troll. [:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Dance Tutorial: Beginner to Advanced Techniques – Now With More Content!”

  1. Spencer Chua Wei Ye says:

    can u teach me how to do the move where ur legs can spread out side by side almost simultaneously and side step like a boss? If u don’t understand what I mean watch the 6 min 16 second party rock music video at 5 min 40 to 42 it is what the robot and man in silver are doing

  2. tj jackson says:

    Only watch shuffling vids for good shuffling songs

  3. alisa teexo says:

    Out of the hundreds of shuffling tutorial videos i’ve watched this one is definitely the best!! 😀 thanks for the help!

  4. Haley Colpetzer says:

    Good shuffling and sexy Tripps. 😉

  5. SubliminalPeace says:

    Hey man, this is a little late me reading this and all, but don’t be discouraged. With any dance move you are trying to learn it is going to look super weird and awkward at first. Best way I’ve found to get better at a dance move is to do it in front of a friend who is already good at it, and allow them to give you constructive criticism.

  6. SubliminalPeace says:

    By far the best shuffle tutorial I have seen. Even better than the ones with the production value. I hope you make more!

  7. Kissislove17 says:

    Hope to see you shuffling again 🙂

  8. mrskittles0560 says:

    @Randomann8 The way I practice with gaining speed is by starting out with a beat that I can handle, and just keep on practicing. Main problems you are going to have is getting used to the balance and the energy that it will take. Focus on those two and you should be good to go.

  9. H3LL3Ktro says:


  10. yoset ruiz says:


  11. VeryBlueberrry says:

    6:57 lol finally you move that stupid rug out of the way 😛
    thank you for this vid, it’s a good tutorial!!

  12. VeryBlueberrry says:


  13. Nico Valentino says:

    1 person cant do this

  14. Kaitheorginalninja says:

    As much as it takes there is no set time

  15. Kaitheorginalninja says:

    Im not sure i understand what you mean

  16. gardencity15 says:

    quick question. when your learning the running man is it suppose to look weird at first?

  17. Randommann8 says:

    I got the moves down but I have issues with the speed. HOw much practicing do you estimate it would take for me to speed up so that i can work with faster songs. Great video BTW:) THX

  18. The1KyraCat says:

    This is the best tutorial video I’ve seen. (= Thanks for posting it – it helps a lot.

  19. zerodeath980Reborn says:

    ur cheek looks swollen for some reason any way thanks for the tutorial i hope i can get better now

  20. jehlovekaz1225 says:

    i can do some of the step.. thanks to this vid. and hopefully i can shuffle as good as them..:) they are so good..:)

  21. Awesome:) thx a lot

  22. KokiriNative says:

    i wanna shuffle so bad but idk wat video is best for me to learn from there all different :((

  23. RoseRayne28 says:

    This video has me T stepping around the room xD Nice job

  24. Why is there no woman in the kitchen?
    Joke, nice tutorial, you deserve more likes & views ;]

  25. MyNameXsaga says:

    you’re so good. :DD

    i see you’re hardstyle, no?

  26. Greg Turnbow says:

    That’s better than I would’ve done haha xD

  27. stainedwall406 says:

    AYYYYYY I FAIL XDDDD it’s been SO long since I made this XD maybe I’ll make another me in a couple weeks[x

  28. Haha now I know how to shuffle -Amreek

  29. stainedwall406 says:

    Who disliked this?? Meh probably some random person……… I know I suck anyway haha

  30. kirsten hanson says:

    Oh Evan. (:
    You make me happy.
    I miss your voice.
    - Kirsten Hanson <3

  31. jesse osorio says:

    Evan!!!! 😀 ahahahaha! Nice video! Its jesse! 😀