**READ ME** Hmmm.. I just wanted to make a shuffle new vid..lmao iRep: Epic Styles Reborn "We Give The Word 'EPIC' A Whole New Meaning" -FoolishPinoy- Rate - Comment - Subscribe - THANK YOU!!

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle – Epic Styles Reborn – Foolish Pinoy – Hard Trance”

  1. Milkshakeestorado says:

    Meu Novo Vídeo está na Área Galera, Dêem uma Olhada 😀

  2. :,D So beautiful

  3. youngflip0509 says:

    Alrighty then good for you

  4. himmanlady says:

    at first i thought you were a old fat mexican man sry bout that

  5. WorstCommenter2008 says:

    @youngflip0509 Ya got skillz bro, keep melbshuffle alive man :D!

  6. KoreanJeremy says:

    Very niiice. whats the song?

  7. abigaayoo says:

    ohmyg. thats pro like oh dayuumm D;

  8. vPindzvinCwalk says:

    @youngflip0509 yea, but if u go and listen to kidd kaos, thats hard trance , but yea this must be something between lol !
    log on msn !

  9. youngflip0509 says:

    isnt trance slightly softer than this one?listen to the bass.
    anyway.. on every utube vid for this track it says that its a hardtrance track.. so yeah.. lmao.. whatever.. XD

    Thanks mang =)

  10. vPindzvinCwalk says:

    umm, you do know that track is trance and not hard trance muhaha >:D
    amazing shuffle bro.

  11. AosInuyasha says:

    Wow, i love your style dude 🙂
    Keep it up, moar videos!

  12. XOverture says:

    song? also nice skills dude

  13. youngflip0509 says:

    Mawee *_*
    thaaanks alot baby! you’re my inspiration! rawrr

  14. blindedxinxchains says:

    Henwee!! *O*
    awesome shuffling baby! n_n
    keep it up! :D:D

  15. BerryWalk says:

    5/5 KUYA:3 n_n

  16. kryptonite0909 says:

    Finally! its good to see a new shuffle vid where the person actually knows how to shuffle XP

  17. Monyet96lookout1 says:


  18. wooow awesome shuffle bro !!! you improved a lot, keep it up =)

  19. oi pinoy! 0.0 you’re getting really good!! =D

  20. BrokenChi says:

    like alwaaaays .. u got soo great!! :’O
    and also the goood edit :’D
    this video rawks!! ^o^
    chu PRO!! :’D

    greetz, chi

  21. nia2008xxxx says:

    Nice shuffle,

    keep it up

    BassZone – N i a a

  22. damn 1st its c-walk not shuffle ur really good now!! love it!!

  23. littlephan says:

    Soo pro ! ;O U have improved bro ! ;D
    (Y) + fav


  24. awsomesss says:

    OMG HUNNAY!!!!!!!!!
    u gotten way better
    so much better then me
    keep up the great work
    annd ummm
    PM me the song plzzzzz

  25. megerbightex says:

    Man, you seriously continue to amaze me 😀 Best video yet LIKE

    [IHS] 3D