A Shuffling exhibition at a club in Melbourne

26 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Exhibition at… Melbourne”

  1. TibiaSeal says:

    N/ao pode para q isso ???

  2. HbsShuffler10 says:

    hmh….CRAZYYYY !!!!!!!!XD

  3. TopNotchGlowtek says:

    Look at my profile for me shuffling

  4. TopNotchGlowtek says:

    Check out my channel for new shuffle videos

  5. bread19742000 says:

    who know the name of the track ?? PLEASE TELL ME I NEED IT !!!!!!

  6. QsarShuffler says:

    @ChaosWZ True that.

  7. ChaosWZ says:

    @QsarShuffler Oh yeah, I know that. No worries. It’s just not the best to be trashing on other people’s style. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and trolling.

  8. perkasm says:

    @kooori12 I 100% agree with you man

  9. kooori12 says:

    hahah dont bag it, old school ravers..just wait, they’l be sumthn newer and they’l start calling the shuffling most are doing gay, so dont hate, its a thing that progresses into many styles, express not impress!

  10. benjiB3663 says:

    wtf is this shit! they disgrace the shuffle name! who ever was apart of this sucks donkey dick!!!

  11. coreyskingdom says:

    This is electro-retard-shuffle =s

  12. TehSoula says:

    geez, some of the arm movements just look plain gay.

    i dont mind the different style, “eventhough” i got into the hardstyle shuffle first.
    do like the latter better though.

  13. Vastolorde89 says:

    wow this is CRAP, hardstyle shuffle i way better they look like hillbilly retards dancing…….omfg delete this video

  14. Sk8erEd93 says:

    its like jumpstyle shuffle and tecktonic mixed into one dance….id dance it…but only if i was rolling lol

  15. SnipeInShadows says:

    I’m sorry, i agree with the fact that there is much more individual style, but most of their individual styles look completely stupid. You can hate me for that, but it’s my opinion and what you say won’t change that just like i’m not going to change your thoughts. Just expressing my opinion.

  16. QsarShuffler says:

    @ChaosWZ I’m not talking about how ”ProOoOoO” I actually am, sir Cunty McFag. I was talking about how kids think they know everything about a style with such a deep history, ignoring this and going on with stupid battles, or anything else as childish as the issue mentioned before. I don’t care, to be honest, how good I am, I just enjoy the music and let it take control of my body. Best regards and have a nice day.

  17. ChaosWZ says:

    @QsarShuffler It’s not better, there’s no best style of shuffle and honestly you’re not much better than the tbs

  18. snickells says:

    @paulben08 Thanks man. It’s amazing the level of ignorance on this stupid site. We will probably start seeing little cock-heads dissing Graham Bell over a mobile phone video and how he didn’t know shit about “old school” telephones… Seriously, who gave birth to these retards and DIDN’T think about drowning them there and then???

  19. snipeinu666 says:

    wow these ppl really suck lol

  20. paulben08 says:

    @snickells Well said!!!!!

  21. MotionBeyondControl says:

    @peanutjarr HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA that made my day !

  22. MotionBeyondControl says:

    this is true melbourne shuffle not that mikki shit and what not. nothing agaisnt them ofcourse seeing as i do the new age stuff. but i would like to learn the origional and also whats the first song its fucking TUNE !.

    Peace x

  23. 109milo says:


  24. AzzurryStreet says:

    i dont give a fuck what this shit it, it sucks ass.

  25. rangekoe says:

    Im a motherflower raver, and hardstyle is a bad flavour.

  26. i need the track id for this video