Asia Cruise - Selfish. Speedwave - Junior First Switch Mix. Location: Chino Hills, CA.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Girl (Original)”

  1. Samirchen1 says:

    Nice´╗┐ lady ­čÖé

  2. ChinoAx57 says:

    i think im falling in luv >.<´╗┐

  3. masterchief6571 says:

    hot and´╗┐ a lil booty

  4. MrTjalling14 says:

    she is´╗┐ pretty sexy

  5. LaughterXL says:

    I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu´╗┐ ..!! is awesome ..!! bb very much talent ­čśÇ

  6. DCPLAY800 says:

    Like a boss! nuff said´╗┐

  7. MelancholyApples says:

    @OBEYxSLIM lol´╗┐

  8. kitkat10230 says:

    Tutorial? :)´╗┐

  9. DallyandMango says:

    @sm2590 Why dont you get off your ass and do some yard work, lardy.´╗┐

  10. tru3b1u31 says:

    @slobberdong951 lol she is´╗┐ boss, look at the date fool.

  11. comptonchick4u says:

    it wass good buut the´╗┐ song ruinned it

  12. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  13. rayfan2354 says:

    not´╗┐ impressed

  14. comatoastcoast2coast says:

    pretty´╗┐ good.

  15. eamanda2009 says:

    Damn´╗┐ not bad!!

  16. 0317jappie says:

    shes is a good shuffeler ­čÖé
    and shes´╗┐ cute


  18. i´╗┐ love yer cute lido tight ass! :*

  19. slobberdong951 says:

    Not very pretty and shes´╗┐ not as good as a lot of people

  20. Tutorial??´╗┐

  21. newkaynac says:

    damn´╗┐ she┬┤s beautiful boiiiyyyyy

  22. Hardstyler981 says:

    Tham You shuffle badass!´╗┐

  23. razzhperu says:

    Me caso *-*

  24. nissanzenkiboy says:

    Honey´╗┐ I’m home !

  25. tyursalva5 says:

    Jajaja Ese Diego xD!´╗┐ es mi Srta Esposa… asi q respeten ­čśë