Just mad ethis video 5 minutes ago, really tired, but feel really good, I feel like I've improoved, you can see a bit that I tried to do a bit of koreography...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn How to Shuffle

25 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle HARDSTYLE @ Home [BaS-S-IcK]”

  1. Ricky Owen says:

    Good job bro. Let the anger out lol.

  2. jonathan jack says:

    awesome vid 10/10!
    great shuffling 10/10!!
    songs name??

  3. juriahSXUXX says:

    ireckon ids better to have grip , than to slide .. because wen yu go to do movews yu cant do them as good nd as fast … nd try spinning on your heels , very sick spin 😛

    watch my vids NZ style comment rate , subscribe cheeeeeaaaaa

  4. Viktor Blad says:

    niiceee!! D:

  5. bloodrein54 says:

    You look really good, just move a little farther away when you move around so that you look like your floating, everyone loves that.

    Im trying to practice myself but i cant go fast without tripping and falling rofl, + I cant find good socks that are slippery enough, eaither that or its the floor

  6. BasicNewb says:

    U spin on ur toes dude… just reload and go all you can with ur body, i.e your arms, your feet… and I dunno, but I do it inside so it’s a lot easier than doing it outdoors

  7. bassdose5 says:

    hey dude how do u do the spin at 0:45? i been watchin other vids and cant work it out

  8. Asphixyated says:

    cardio and practice

  9. Whats the name of the song you are shuffleling too?xD

  10. ShuffleRules666 says:

    too much the same spin :p
    shuffle was ok though 😀

  11. Zyron1431 says:

    nice shit. im practicing myself. im in the same boat with opacity. i cant really put as much time into as i want to but hopefully soon ill have it down.

  12. Brian Baker says:

    pretty good man.
    try looser pants, and more moves with your hat would make it look even better.

  13. BasicNewb says:

    need good physics bro… 😉 practise and get your muscles up to work

  14. BIGMACE424 says:

    damnnnn… shits off the hook. is that the pokemon hat??

  15. Yeah, Im from Aus. Good that you liked it. I’m trying to teach myself shuffling. But finding it quite challenging. Don’t get to put too much time in to it. But I’ll have it in me one day.

  16. BasicNewb says:

    Not from Australia no, r u?
    Anyways, the track was aiight I guess… a bit repetitive, but it had some really fresh moments, over all a 7/10 😉

  17. Try, “Dokmai – Reason To Believe”. You might have to adjust a little to the song. But I am pretty sure you can manage. Try to find a non-vocal version. Or the intro without the vocal at start of the track.

    Here is a youtube link for it

    BTW are ya from Australia? Let me know what ya think of the track.

  18. BasicNewb says:

    4 real? 🙂 lemme know man, c’mon say it 🙂

  19. Nice shuffling man. Ever tried shuffling to trance. I can recommend a good track that might suit your style.

  20. maumastoks says:


  21. corey12523 says:

    oh yeh prove it!!!!!!!!!

  22. maumastoks says:

    Oh yes, I can.

  23. corey12523 says:

    ok then lets see u do better then. i bet u cant maumastoks

  24. Johnny Paz says:

    cuz dam thats prety baddass.

  25. you reffering to my nickname? =) I chose it so it wouldn’t offend anyone