a simple video of my perspective on how to do the running man i do not own the songs in this video.
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4 Responses to “melbourne shuffle: how to do the running man”

  1. asmooth305 says:

    @darkrockripper lol ok Man but like pràctics on your toes but ONCE you get used to it use your heels

  2. Jimmy Hypothermiac says:

    nice tut i still find it a pain in the ass because of my long legs ugh ill have to talk wit boris about the legs haha

  3. asmooth305 says:

    @woodzee6194 yea it took me like a week to learn t’he running Man and a week in a half to learn t’he t-step but Once you et t’he hang of it just Messi around with it

  4. Aaron Woods says:

    easy but hard to master
    woodzee // KA