Melbourne Shuffle in Boston

Ehh the vids were okay Working on trying to get my own style now, Still got a lot of work to do, and should of put more moves I know in but mehhhh I want a key chain now xD
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle in Boston”

  1. haloman320 says:

    Finally I find people that shuffle near me I’m a newbie cuz I only started like 3weeks or so but cool to see people Rep Boston

  2. @CrutialProductions

    I used to live in Boston for school, but I’m originally from Connecticut, this was just a visit to the city to see a few friends and show a friend around.

  3. CrutialProductions says:

    This is the first video i have seen of someone in the same state as me shuffle..I live in peabody though

  4. @TrainsGoMoo

    Dont live there used to but I just went to visit college friends

  5. TrainsGoMoo says:

    Nice, I live in Boston too and I shuffle.

  6. I love it… pro

    andii 🙂

  7. 69jackyboy69 says:

    I liked it 😛
    \HsH// RagnaröK

  8. XESHADOWX says:

    It’s me through the whole video -_-

  9. XESHADOWX says:

    I love editting ^ ^

  10. xXTwanJokerXx says:

    ^-^ i liked the effect u did around begining ^-^ hehe 5/5 keep it up hehe

  11. The 2nd guy was ok I guess. But I do it much better but anyways hardstyle baby !!! Los Angeles hardstyle I’ll have my video up some

  12. XESHADOWX says:

    I plan too

  13. zackman057 says:

    Come to the next new york meetups were gonna get a permit so we don’t get kicked out 5 times like last time XD

  14. XESHADOWX says:

    NYC usually has teh meet ups probably February or March I’m cool with bringing someone to Boston if my friends can allow it. It was easier when her roommates werent there

  15. unknownx6x6x6 says:

    hey man whats up i wanna get up to boston or new york some time and just mess around to lol ct sucks lol no one around me to chill wit and shuffle but someone needs to arrange a meet soon somewere keep it up nice vid

  16. XESHADOWX says:

    its cool man I just shuffle for fun I dont mind youtube. ^ ^ I have more a club style in this one from what people tell me

  17. AlexandarZ says:

    Nice your good i like your style but you need to make it look like your feet are sliding more. Keep it up
    and if you look at this no i do not shuffle no one my age group shuffles anymore only people old enough to go clubbing shuffle and im still abit young for that but i still can shuffle i just grown out of the youtube vids

  18. XESHADOWX says:

    wooot… lmfao

  19. JoKeResurection says:

    i love you……lawlcaeks

  20. seamonstersummer says:

    ha i don’t know .__.

  21. XESHADOWX says:

    hmm club style ehh I mrobably move more in my phats… I havent rocked in them in a while. at least i know I’ll be set for a rave but I could add a little movement

  22. going good man, you’ve got what we’d call in aus a club style..ya don’t move much but it looks like it could turn into something good, keep it up.

  23. Thank you 😀

  24. SniperWolf69oc says:

    dude!!! GREAT WORK!!! you’re mega improving!!! 😀 5/5

  25. i dotn reall like handmovements the kill the flow for me xD

    but yeah you havent seen me in a while .. this vids were okay despite my friends keys digging into m leg T_T and my pants being loose