Duo melbourne shuffle made in legend of shuffle

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle | Legend Of Shuffle”

  1. andemand1 says:

    Hardstyle is not only music it is a lifestyle<3

  2. haterstyl says:

    where is the Duo Shuffle ?
    i see only 2 difficult shufflers


  3. ilovestarbucks921 says:

    He needs to be my dance teacher. XD

  4. omg dude thats sick. water shuffles. omg thats so sick. i wanna water shufflez now.

  5. SuperDuperToastxD says:

    name of the song? <3 ...

  6. .. i am of the opinion that shuffling belongs into a club but not on the street

  7. minhsuperstars says:

    you good at it but not good enough. keep on practice, see u in competition one day.

  8. i like that running man
    lots of people say that putting your heels up at the end looks bad, but personally, I like that little flick you do πŸ™‚

    loving that hand over heart stuff- looks great

  9. KumanosukeProjects says:

    Playlist ?

  10. SuperPobin says:

    @Jboyz1234 volgens mij is het echt in amsterdam πŸ˜›

  11. Jboyz1234 says:

    Dacht dat het rotterdam was xD

  12. Jboyz1234 says:

    Rotterdam Probably, looking at the giant cranes indicating a dock;)

  13. 2:15 omg :DD
    and btw i live in holland too :$

  14. TheEclipse1989 says:


  15. nuijnpwnsxD says:

    ilive in the netherlands too :3 awesomeness

  16. 5alamander says:

    Is this really in the Netherlands?

  17. SuperPobin says:

    Ahh amsterdam goed om te zien in me eigen land πŸ˜›

  18. BuggyXXXKing says:

    loo ping is the best O_O

  19. audreybrunedu83 says:

    haaaaaaaaan comme JAIME !!!!! <3<3<3 et la musique dechire =)

  20. Razielich says:

    Lol =/

  21. Well done, Can’t you teach me ? xD

  22. kwarkieboy says:

    Headhunterz & The Prophet – High Rollerz

  23. @cl1pzeh, that’s sick!

  24. name of 2nd song?

  25. awesome