Melbourne Shuffle, Lesson 3: Traveling Running Man

Please comments with criticisms/errors you notice. Song: DJ Mangoo - Eurodancer.

8 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle, Lesson 3: Traveling Running Man”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I’m learning but not too good at this point mate.

  2. seems legit

  3. I don’t like shuffling with phats that much dude, it hides footwork and that is a minus for me

  4. RunescaperisLT says:

    lol your kidding me? /watch?v=HiMcEGUG2Zg 0.35 if you do it correctly as in the secret floating backwards running man it looks insane , mostly with phat pants , it just depends how it will react to your natural style.

  5. dEsTiNy3HaCkEr says:

    u have no idea how helpful this video is

  6. Style is a subjective thing, so I wrote my tutorials to be as free as possible, Many of the moves I teach I don’t actually use myself, but I learned them to teach them here and give people more choices. That said, I know HSA/Tiny.Z uses backward RM, I’ve seen HSA/Rocky use forwards RM, and many major shufflers use front kicks while moving backward, and this tutorial forms a basis for the kick tutorial.

  7. NEVER go backwards or forwards with a running man… it looks extremely awkward

  8. damnn nicee tutorial!! :D! finalyy a nicee xplaiinn n.n nice jobb ! (hahhah bad englishh i knoww im mexican :/)